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Eat jujube Keep healthy

Today's recommended office snacks Something healthy and healthy< /p>

Let's talk about the packaging first You can also see it from the photo This large bag is packed in separate small bags So convenient

Each jujube is quite big good color Sweet too < /span>

I use it as a snack in the office about every day< span class="s1">10-11Order three pieces

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吃吃枣 养养生

今天推荐的办公室小零食 有点健康养生派

先来说说包装 从照片也可以看到啦 这个大袋里面是独立的小袋包装 所以很方便

每一颗枣都挺大的 色泽很好 也很甜 

我都是放在办公室当零食 每天大概10-11点吃三颗