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🔸I accidentally discovered that Yami has this Ejiao Golden Silk Candied Date, it is really super delicious, and it is not particularly sweet , small and individually packaged one by one, it is very convenient to carry and can be taken out to eat at any time, and I just remembered today that I bought Ejiao candied dates, and after eating a few in Kaifeng, I became addicted to it

🔸I don't eat a few half packs, and the price is too expensive. I regretted buying one pack. I thought it would be very sweet, so I didn’t buy more, but seeing how I eat it, I definitely want to buy more of this one. The taste is so delicious that I can’t stop at all. I also bought red-hatted candied dates. , I plan to open another one to try the taste after eating this one

🔸Although this candied date is a bit small, it has no core inside. It's delicious, I like to eat this kind of candied dates. The ones I bought before were too sweet and very greasy to eat, but this one will not work at all. One by one, I plan to take them to work tomorrow to eat, the taste Very good, I like it very much

🔸Babies who like to eat candied dates can try it. The evaluation of this snack is also super high, and girls eat more It’s good to order jujube. Ejiao candied dates have the effects of nourishing blood, beauty, stomach, weight loss, etc. It is also good for hair.

🔸Another point is that I suggest you not to eat too much, it is easy to get angry😂😂

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