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▪️Today I want to share with you a fruit tea that I love so muchPassion Fruit Tea! Passion Fruit Tea is A fruit tea that can be drunk all year round It can be made hot in winter It's warm and comfortable to drink! It can be done in summer Passion jam + lemon🍋passion fruit enzyme Add ice water to refresh your thirst and be healthy!


▪️The passion fruit tea I want to introduce to you is super simple< span class="s1"> Just a passion fruit and a few rock candies Or two tablespoons of honey🍯It's done!

🔺Step: Wash the passion fruit and take it out for use

🔺Step②Put the passion fruit into the pot Add some rock sugar or honey🍯  span>

🔺Step③Add mineral water Boil it and drink it hot! Drink it up


It's super sweet and sour👍 span>You can also eat passion fruit seeds is also sweet You can also eat a variety of fruit flavors!

▪️1. Passion fruit can improve children's health Development and growth due to a variety of beneficial substances!

2. The ultra-fiber in passion fruit cleans and detoxifies Improve the absorption function of the human body Intestinal and stomach functions span>!

3. Passion fruit promotes digestion Can improve constipation! Improve gastrointestinal problems~

4. Passion fruit can be beautiful Anti-aging and more because it is rich in nutrients< span class="s1"> Some of these substances have a very good effect on human beauty and beauty! p>

!!So those who are worried about gaining weight or those who are losing weight can drink it with confidence span>!!



Stomach problems and passion fruit People with allergies should not eat passion fruit~

If you eat too much passion fruit at one time It can be easy to get angry just in moderation~

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格格的厨房 | 清新好喝的又美容养颜的百香果茶🍋

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▪️今天想要给大家分享一款我超级爱的水果茶百香果茶! 百香果茶是一款一年四季都能喝的水果茶 冬天可以做成热的 喝起来暖暖的很舒服! 夏天可以做成百香果酱+柠檬🍋做成百香果酵素 加冰水清爽解渴又健康!


▪️我想要给大家介绍的百香果茶的做法也超级无敌简单 只需要一个百香果和几颗冰糖 或者两勺蜂蜜🍯就可以完成!

🔺Step: 百香果洗干净掏出备用


🔺Step③加入矿泉水 煮沸煮热就可以饮用啦! 喝起来


酸酸甜甜的超级赞👍 还可以吃一吃百香果的籽 也是甜甜的 还能吃到很多种水果的风味!

▪️1. 百香果可以促进小孩子身体发育和生长,因为富含多种有益物质!

2. 百香果中的超纤维可以清理和排毒 改善人体吸收功能 整肠健胃等功效!

3. 百香果促进消化 可以使得便秘得到好转! 改善肠胃不通畅问题~

4. 百香果可以养颜美容 抗衰老等功效 因为其富含多种营养物质 其中一些物质对人体美容养颜有着很好的作用!





如果一次性吃太多的百香果可以会容易上火哦 适量就好~

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