Let's go to the kitchen secret weapon, Liupo Hotpot Condiment, and call Liupo. This Liupo is highly recommended by the queen, so I bought a pack to try. After trying it, it is really delicious. Now I am Liupo's Loyal fans hahaha I like to add some Liupo hot pot base ingredients no matter what I cook. There is a very large bag with a packet of chili oil and a packet of chili powder oil. I add it directly to the soup and cook it. The spicy powder is used to stick things before eating. I went fishing at the seaside and made Liupo Spicy Fish Soup with the fish I caught on a whim. Hahaha it's really delicious 😭😭 The deliciousness of the fish and the hot pot base are like eating spicy hot pot 😂 The method is even simpler, the pot Pour water into it, add Liupo hot pot base according to your own taste, then add sliced fish and some ginger slices, then I add some vermicelli, after boiling, add all kinds of vegetables I like, I add bean sprouts, Cucumbers, enoki mushrooms, and green onions can actually be added to many dishes. Depending on your preference, you can replace the fish with sliced meat! This delicious meal is done, simple and delicious, and spicy enough hahaha I highly recommend Liupo hot pot base ❤️
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下厨房秘密武器之六婆火锅底料篇 疯狂给六婆打call,这个六婆是女王强烈推荐的,所以就买了一包试试看,试过之后真的超级好吃 现在我是六婆的忠实粉丝哈哈哈 不管煮什么东西都喜欢加点六婆火锅底料 非常大一袋,里面一包辣椒油和一包辣椒粉 油我是直接加到汤里煮,辣粉在用来粘东西吃 之前去海边钓鱼,心血来潮就用钓回来的鱼做了六婆麻辣鱼汤哈哈哈真的是好吃到爆😭😭 鱼的鲜美加上火锅底料就像在吃麻辣烫😂 做法更是简单,锅里倒入水,看自己口味加入六婆火锅底料,然后加入切好的鱼和一些姜片,然后我加了一些粉丝,煮开后加入各种自己喜欢的蔬菜,我加了豆芽菜、黄瓜、金针菇、大葱其实很多菜都可以加,看自己的喜好,可以把鱼换成肉片都可以! 就这样美味的一餐搞定了,即简单又美味,还辣的够爽哈哈哈 强烈推荐六婆火锅底料❤️