[Yami Canteen] Season 3 - "The Birth of a Princess" 03

#亚米厨房#【Yami Canteen】Season 3

The Birth of a Princess 03

Narrator: Empress Yamimu originally set the azimuth to, the solar system, the earth.
(Is it safe here?)
Narrator: Small spaceship, passing through the atmosphere, rubbing red glowing fire.
Narrator: By the small river, a girl was washing abalone, and the girl saw a small spaceship floating.
(Girl's name: GAGA)
GAGA: oops what is that? How come there seems to be a little baby inside.
GAGA: This pot can be used for me to fry noodles for you.
GAGA: The ingredients are mentaiko eggs, corn kernels, green onions, green beans, and abalone.
Cooking: Cook the ingredients in order. The non-stick coating is super.
(Don't use an iron spatula! It will scratch the coating).
Cooking method: fried noodles, like to use sweet soy sauce as a seasoning. After the noodles are fried evenly, add the just fried side dishes.
Add some, garlic spicy.
Fragrant fried noodles are done.
Japan's ZOJIRUSHI multi-functional electric fire dual-purpose cooking pot for gourmets, can adjust the temperature at will, non-stick pan, and more importantly, easy to clean.
GAGA: Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, eat well and grow up fast.
Narrator: Princess Yami, come to Earth safely? #下厨秘密武器#
[Yami Canteen] Season 3 - "The Birth of a Princess"
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GAGA:oops 那是什么?怎么里面好像还有一个小baby。
GAGA:材料有 明太子鸡蛋,玉米粒,葱,青豆,鲍鱼。
日本ZOJIRUSHI象印 美食家多功能电火两用煮锅,可随意调制温度,不粘锅,更重要的是易清洗。
旁白:亚米小公主,安全的来到地球? #下厨秘密武器#