The standard for the painting of a dead house girl In summer, in addition to sour plum soup, that is small snacks, I don't like to eat. Picked up a few bookmarks from friends and drew carefully. But inspiration says that you have to eat something to eat, and you have to feed it before you have the energy to write. So this time, in order to summon inspiration, I bought a lot of these individually packaged dried bean curds. The brand is - "Xiangxiangzui". Because when I bought it, there were no other brands on the platform. 💟 Reviewed "Xiangxiangzui" five-flavored hand-shredded vegetarian beef and soy products are the best. After eating, the photos were not taken. Woohoo! Next is the BBQ flavor. The last is spicy. 💕Dead house girls, not only want to lose weight, but also eat. Life is also very painful, and we have to fight with inspiration. Therefore, the stomach must not be empty, and the brain must be strong. That is buy, buy, buy!
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死宅女生作画的标配# 三食三餐 ## 我要当测评官第7期 # 入夏,除了酸梅汤,那就是小零嘴,不爱吃饭。 接了几个朋友的小书签,认真画一画。可是灵感就说赏饭吃的东西,得喂饱它,你才有劲下笔。 所以这次为了召唤灵感,就买了很多这种独立包装的小豆干。牌子都是—“香香嘴”。因为买的时候平台其他牌子没有了。 💟经过测评 “香香嘴”五香味手撕素牛肉豆制品最好吃,吃完了,照片也没有拍。呜呜! 其次是烧烤味。最后是香辣味的。 💕死宅女生,既要减肥,还要吃。人生也很痛苦的,还要跟灵感斗智斗勇。所以既要胃不空虚,也要脑子有力。那就是买买买咯!