Yami 특선
Glutton Star's Afternoon Tea Snack 👉Gingerbread Eat ginger if you have a cold or a cold, how about a gingerbread to warm up? Ginger has many benefits, increasing appetite, dispelling cold and relieving symptoms Antioxidant effect I am a person who likes to eat ginger, but I don't like ginger candy 🍬 I have a cold constitution, I can’t do without ginger every day, and I can’t do without it for cooking and making tea. Jans speculaas ginger cookies A box of nine packs three pieces per pack The ginger taste is not too strong, but still a little spicy Extra crispy, like biscoff cookies, very crispy Not too sweet, not too tired to eat too much The ingredients contain wheat sugar, rapeseed oil, ginger powder, leavening agent, salt, soy lecithin A good deal at a beautiful price Another cup of coffee ☕️ # 童年回忆零食 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 # # 爆款小零食 #
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Yami 특선 馋嘴星人的下午茶小点心👉姜饼 风寒感冒了就吃姜 来个姜饼暖暖身可好? 生姜好处多多 增进食欲 散寒解表 祛体寒 抗氧化功效 我是一个很喜欢吃姜的人 唯独不爱姜糖🍬 体质偏寒 每天都离不开姜 炒菜 泡茶都离不开它 Jans speculaas ginger cookies 一盒九包 每小包里三块 姜味不是很重 但还是有点辣喉的 特脆 就像biscoff饼干非常爽脆 不怎么甜吃多都不嫌腻 成分含有麦 糖 菜油 姜粉 膨松剂 盐 大豆卵磷脂 凑单好物 价格美丽 再来一杯咖啡☕️绝搭 # 童年回忆零食 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 # # 爆款小零食 #