Drinking tea during the Christmas holidays is a ritual 🎶 A girl like me, who is a dead house, has to drink a little bit of water and die hard🤔 The last time I took a bath 🛀 I had to do all kinds of things So every time you drink tea, you have to choose tea bags according to your mood 💓 As a result, every time I buy and buy on Yamibuy, I will add a ready-to-eat tea. I have bought a lot of teas, which are suitable for health preservation in winter. You can choose a mild and high-value tea to drink. If you are in a good mood, it is a panacea!
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圣诞假期里喝茶就要仪式感🎶 像我这种死宅的女生,喝点水都要死劲死劲🤔造 上次泡个澡🛀都要搞七搞八 所以每次喝茶也要随心情💓选茶包 导致每次在亚米上每次买买买都会随手添一款即食茶 买了很多款茶,冬季适合养生,大家就随意选温和颜值高的来喝吧,心情好,就是万能的良药!