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Going out of a dead house is a sense of security

       💓 0 span0A dead house like me, a girl with all kinds of equipment at home, drinking tea and water with a sense of ritual. When you go out, you will definitely want to take everything with you, so you can feel safe🤨.

       First, take notes This 🗒️ must be brought, and it must be beautiful! So lv's notepad is loadedxUsed, but it is still very useful to record my daily small ideas. The inner core is basically bought at any time and can be used for a long time.

       Second, boast Download my 👜 package. Nice color matching! My bag is not a big brand, thieves are not at all attractive in Mimura, it is safe and durable. 💕The most important thing is that when I go out to paint, I can basically put it upright and put it in, which is super convenient to use! 😊😊😊

        span>My favorite is the one brought back from the UKHarry PotterThe Golden Snitch——Because of it, my bag is really worth a hundred times more📈📈!


       👇 span>And my favorite little cosmetics recently:

       LancômeLash Cream, rose essential oil scent,😍like

       YslBlack Tube14Lipstick, it's really the favorite of men's tickets, fake plain makeup

       ClioAir Cushion, The concealer is very good, and my oily skin can cover it

       Miumiu QScent , look at the bottle, the color control attack

       XBaogo Compressed tissue paper, a must for security


        and many more There is no sense of security, it is really streamlined and streamlined!




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       Miumiu Q香,看瓶子就颜控发作