I'm very happy to accompany Yami on the eighth anniversary! I come from Orlando, a big tourist city, and I need Asian food, supplies, or all kinds of exquisite gifts every time. I have to drive more than two hours to the local Chinatown supermarket. Until one day, my part-time Chinese boss let me know the existence of an online shopping website called "Yamibuy". Yami saved a young man who couldn't get anything from our motherland in another county. I started shopping at Yami in 2013. Every time I went to work, I went to school. I'm looking forward to the courier delivering Yami to my door. Every time I open the box, I am very surprised and excited! This mood I continue to now! Although, now I am in a big city like New York! I still buy Yami. Enjoy the high-quality products and services brought by Yami! I am very happy. Yami, let me have a new understanding of online shopping. It's not just an online shopping platform. It is the place where we care about our motherland!