Meat floss has always been my love ❤️ The first time I ate meat muffins was a souvenir brought back by my colleagues from China. I fell in love after eating it! I have been thinking about when to return to China and have to stock up some back, but I did not expect to buy it in advance in Yami✌️ 🧡The golden box depicts two boys and girls who look like students, and it feels like returning to the junior high school in an instant. There are 15 individually packaged pouches neatly placed in the box! Clean and hygienic, easy to carry! The average price of a pack of less than $1 is very, very common. 🧡Meat muffins are made up of wheat flour & meat floss that are visible to the naked eye, as well as invisible food fillings (such as peeled mung beans, food flavors, etc.) 🧡The pastry crust is crispy and crispy, and the pastry will fall off after one bite! The inset is "sincere" full of minced pork filling, savoury and fragrant, very soft! For me who loves pork floss so much, it’s so happy ✨✨ 🧡Eat two for breakfast, accompanied by a bowl of soy milk, and feel satisfied up 📈At 3:15 in the afternoon, you can also come with one to replenish your energy, full of vitality! Youchen meat pancakes are so delicious The rhythm of rushing to empty the shelves immediately! Are there any babies who haven't eaten it? Yami can arrange the next order # Happy order Happy life! #