# BlackFriYay! # If you like vegetarian streamed dumpling,here is the way to make the stuffing Fry the eggs and shred them. Fry tofu and break it. Cook the fungus and chop it up. Chop green vegetables and squeeze out the water (Shanghai green cabbage can be used) Cook smushrooms, squeeze out water and chop them (or stir-fry until soft and then chop them) Add salt, sugar, pepper, chicken essence (or sesame oil if you don't like it) pay attention to If you're not sure about the saltiness, you can get some stuffing, cook it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, and taste it yourself first. If jiaozi stuffing tastes salty, it will be a little lighter after cooking. If you make a cake, the filling must be light, or the pie will be salty. If the filling of steamed st0 bun is salty, the skin of steamed st0 bun should be thicker, and vice versa.