# BlackFriYay! # The habits of northerners However, all festivals have to be on time, dumplings Dumplings with leek stuffing is the best Leek is a rare dish in the countryside. You can only eat during the holidays. It is also very difficult to buy if you are unwilling to buy at ordinary times. In summer, I can go to a friend's house and cut a little. It's really hard to get some leeks in winter. It can match the precious leek. It must be fresh and chopped. The meat cut off from the ribs is fat and thin. And add fresh shrimp with a ratio of 1 to 1 meat. Generally, chop the shrimp a little, and don't chop the other half into small pieces. In this way, you can enjoy the fresh taste of shrimp. And can be fully blended with meat And then stirring to form tendons. Refrigerate in the refrigerator. The frozen meat is very jelly It's delicious to bring the meatballs directly. Vegetarian leek egg buns can also be arranged. A set of leek pie, by the way. When mixing vegetarian stuffing You can also add dried bean curd, fried tofu and cooked vermicelli. Leek stuffing is compatible and packaged. Adding a few more things just adds to the taste. But no one can hide the taste of leek protagonist. Leek tastes so domineering.