You can also make spicy hot pot with cooking ingredients! 🍲 Wangjiadu’s Spicy Fragrant Pot Condiments are delicious, but Yami was out of stock by accident~ This time I bought Maocai condiments and wanted to try them out to see if I could make a similar taste, and it sure did! ✌️✌️ The process of preparing the ingredients is the same. If you want to marinate the meat, use starch or all-purpose flour to scratch the fried meat. The meat will be more tender, but don’t put too much or it will stick to the pan when you fry it! There is also a trick I learned from James Kitchen, don't fry the marinated meat as soon as it is taken out of the refrigerator! In this way, the meat will become tight when heated, and it will be hard when fried! This is the same reason that our stew will boil another pot of boiling water and add it to the stew! (Practice to find out how practical this is!) When frying, put the meat first and then the vegetables, and put the vegetables in batches, so that it is more even and delicious! If you are afraid of being too greasy, don’t put the chili oil floating on the top of the ingredient bag~ If you like widened noodles or sweet potatoes🍠, you can add it. You can add lunch meat, tofu skin, etc.! ❤️ Finally set up and eat! Adding some coriander or shallots will balance the oiliness. After all, the incense pot is still quite hot, and it will be better to match it with some green leaves 🍃 vegetables!
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冒菜料也可以做麻辣香锅!🍲 王家渡的麻辣香锅料很好吃,但是一不小心亚米就断货了~这次我买了冒菜料想说试试看能不能做出差不多的味道,果然可以耶!✌️✌️ 准备食材的过程是一样的,腌肉的话拿淀粉或者面粉(all-purpose flour)稍微抓一下炒出来的肉会比较嫩,但是别放太多不然炒的时候会粘锅! 还有和詹姆士厨房学到有一招,腌好的肉不要从冰箱里一拿出来就开炒!这样肉一受热就会变紧,炒出来就硬巴巴的了!这和我们炖肉会另烧一壶开水加进炖肉汁是一个道理!(实践了才发现这一点是多么实用啊!) 炒的时候先肉后菜,冒菜料分次放,这样比较均匀入味!怕太腻就不要放料包里浮在最上面的辣油~如果喜欢加宽粉或者红薯🍠粉丝的小伙伴加就是了,午餐肉,豆腐皮什么的可以加进来!❤️ 最后装盘开吃!加点香菜,或者小葱会平衡油腻,毕竟香锅还是蛮上火的,搭配点绿叶子🍃菜会比较好哦!