Refreshing and cooling is coming again~~

Seeing that everyone is constantly collecting the refreshing and refreshing last year, I will come again

Update the method of adding taro balls~~First upload the finished product picture, mix it and eat it first😄< /p>

Let's talk about the coconut milk base first ~ split coconut🥥It's really tossing! Babies with good skills, please give pointers. Taking coconut water and pulp can make me half tired. I have no skills, only brute force!

One fresh🥥Put coconut water and pulp into a food processor and shred , then add boiled canned coconut milk(While the coconut milk is cookingRock sugar)You can even split a few more coconuts No canned coconut milk< span class="s2">Personally, I think canned coconut milk is more creamy~ So I get used to it🥥➕coconut milk! Put it in the refrigerator when it's ready

Next is all kinds of cooking and cutting~

The same is that there is still no fairy grass jelly at home~ So I made ice powder powder

And the last time I used fairy grass honey👇👇

Choose your favorite ingredients and pour coconut milk on itOKla span>……

The key to making taro balls is tapioca flour~

Steamed taro and put it in a zipper bag and mashed it~ Sweet potato🍠Similarly~ The ratio of mashed taro to tapioca flour is about 1:0.35and1 :0.5~The more tapioca flour, the more elastic it will beQ ~ Taro puree is not sweet~ and 100g sugar powder~ It's all kinds of kneading ~ remember to use skillful energy! Tapioca flour is slowly added in three times ~ knead until it is not sticky ~ directly rub with scissors✂️Cut out small grains During the grain ~ period, you can sprinkle some tapioca flour to prevent sticking.

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