LOTTE XYLITOL Apple Mint Sugar Free Gum 96g

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Brand : LOTTE

Brand Origin : Korea

Net Wt. : 96 g

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Item Details

Brand : LOTTE Net Content : 96 g Brand Origin : Korea
LOTTE XYLITOL Sugar Free Gum is a sugar-free chewing gum that helps to reduce tooth demineralization and helps to neutralize plaque acids, which are risk factors in the development of dental caries.
  • For healthy teeth.
  • Reduce the risk factor for development of dental caries.
  • Additional xylitol granules in the core for more freshness and cooling experience.
  • Contains natural sweetener xylitol, which is extracted from the bark of Finnish birch tree.
  • Sugar free / Aspartame free.
Maltitol, xylitol, aspartame, l-phenylalanine compound, gum base, flavor, gum arabic, calcium phosphate, colpomenia sinuosa extract, hesperidin. contain: gelatin.
Do not store in direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold location. Store in a dry area.

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