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Usage Rules

1. You need to verify your email in order to receive points.

2. Yami Points cannot be transferred to or merged with another account.

3. Yami Points can only be used on products fulfilled by Yami.

4. Yami has the right to freeze some accounts, such as those with abnormal behavior or accounts that might be fraudulent.

5.  Different membership levels (ruby, silver, gold) enjoy different points rules. For details, please refer to the Yami membership details page.

Rules for Getting Points

1. You will get points after each purchase (Except for third party sellers). 

2. Points used on an order that is canceled or returned will be returned to your account.

3. Effective Sep.1 2020, the points policy will be adjusted. Yami customers will earn 1 point for every $10 spent.


1. Yami has the right for the final interpretation of the rules.

2. 200 Points=$2.


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