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Are you an Asian brand or supplier looking to expand your reach and connect with millions of potential customers? As a partner of Yami, we will help you scale your business by providing infrastructure & logistic assistance, product selection recommendations, marketing support, and valuable data and insights. Partner with Yami and let us help you take your business to the next level! 

To get started, please email for products related to food, and for products related to beauty, home, and health. In your email, be sure to include the following information:

· Contact name: The name of the person we should reach out to for any inquiries or communication regarding the partnership.

· Phone number: A phone number where we can reach you during business hours.

· Email: An email address where we can send updates, documents, and other important information related to the partnership.

· Business name: The legal name of your business.

· Business abbreviation: An abbreviated version of your business name, if applicable.

· Business address: The physical location of your business.

· Product category: The type of products or services your business offers.

· Merchant relationship type: The nature of the partnership you are interested in establishing with Yami. This could include options such as vendor, supplier, distributor, or other relationship types (VF).

We look forward to building a strong and successful partnership with you.

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