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Yamibuy Marketplace

Yamibuy Marketplace

What is Yamibuy Marketplace?
Yamibuy Marketplace is a platform where products and/or service are provided by third party vendors, whereas transactions are processed by Yamibuy. All items from Yamibuy Marketplace are sold and delivered solely by third party vendors; Yamibuy does not have the ownership of such items.

Quality Guarantee
In order to assure the authenticity of products to our customers, Yamibuy pre-verified the qualification of all third party vendors with a series of strict standards including business license, products certification, and brand authorization. Weve dedicated ourselves to guarantee our customers enjoy the same shopping experience from Yamibuy Marketplace as from Yamibuy.com.

Rewards Program
All items listed on Yamibuy Marketplace will not participant in any sales promotion or points rewards events on Yamibuy.com

The Market Place accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), debit cards and PayPal. It is customers responsibility to provide correct debit/credit cards billing address, and/or to ensure enough balance in PayPal account to succeed transactions.

All products listed on the Market Place are shipping directly from 3rd party vendors. Shipping details is listed on the product pages. If customers make purchases on both Yamibuy.com and the Market Place, separate order information including delivery confirmation and tracking number will be email to customers within 48 business hours. Please be careful to choose P.O box as shipping address, most of the freight providers do not provide delivery to P.O box (except USPS).

Order processing
For Marketplace order, it takes approximately 1 to 3 business days (exclusive holiday and weekend) to process an order before it is shipped. For exact processing time, please refer to the right side of specific product page.

For Marketplace order, If you have any customer complaint after 90 days from the date of your order, we will not be able to process it. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancel Order
Before an order is shipped, you can cancel it through PC website. Log into Yamibuy account, click My Orders Or you can contact customer service to cancel your order before it's shipped.

Modify Order
Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to make changes to your order content. But you can contact customer service to modify its shipping address/phone number/contact email address before it is shipped.

Marketplace Return Policy
If you receive products with issues (damaged, not match, expired, or defective), please contact our customer service team to request an RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) within 7 days after receiving it.
a. Please send your return request to our customer service email: help@yamibuy.com.
b. Please be sure to provide us with your order number, picture of the product (if requested), quantity, and the reason for the return. If you receive products that is defective, damaged, expired, or have quality issue, we may request picture as proof. Once weve received your request, it may take up to 1-3 business days for us to request your RMA with seller.
c. Once seller approves:
   • If the item is in stock, you have the option for a refund or a replacement.
   • If the items are out of stock, we will process a refund for you.
   • We will let you know if the item needs to be returned to seller. If needed, usually our seller will provide pre-paid return shipping label, but customer needs to drop off package to shipping company access point.
   • Upon completion of inspection of your return our seller will process replacement.
   • Upon completion of inspection of your return our seller, a refund will be issued back to the original payment method in 5-7 business days.
Refund will be issued upon completion of inspection of your return, and the fund will be issue back to the original form of payment that the order was placed within 5-7 business days.
d. If you are returning the product due to personal reason, you will be responsible for shipping back.

Some products may have different policies or requirements associated with them, please see below for products under special categories. If your product falls under the below special categories, additional terms may apply:

1. Electronic items such as concert tickets, coupon, sim card etc.
Please check the details of your order carefully before placing it. If you order wrongly, we may not be able to offer an exchange or refund.

2. Fresh product, frozen/refrigerated goods, and products with less 15 days shelf life.
Upon receiving your product, if the product is damaged, or have quality issue, you may request a return within 48 hours of receipt of shipment. Please make sure fresh produce, processed food, and perishable products are properly stored in freezer/refrigerator to ensure the freshness of your product. Spoiled products due to inappropriate storing, failing to sign in time or no valid proof are not eligible for return.

3. Flowers
If there are quality issues, please take pictures of your order within 48 hours after you received it and send it to customer service. Due to delayed report it is not eligible for return.

4. Clothing
  Return Qualification:
  a. Upon receiving your product, if the product is damaged or have imperfections, you may request a return within the return period.
  b. If you are returning for personal reasons or was shipped the wrong item, the item must be in new and unopened/unused condition, and request for a return within the return period.

5. Beauty, cosmetic and skin care products
  a. If you have any question or concern regarding the authenticity of the product you received, please contact Customer Service.
  b. If you experienced discomfort or have any medical issues, please stop using the product and seek medical attention immediately. Written proof from a certified physician is required if you believe there is quality issue with the product that caused it.
  c. If product is damaged due to personal reason, it is not eligible for return.
  d. Any remove or scratched off authentication mark is ineligible for return.
  Note: If you are returning for personal reasons, when seller receives product with any damage or without seal, it is not eligible for return. We appreciate your understanding.

Package return & lost package
Package return
a. When placing your order, please make sure to check your shipping information (first name, last name, address) and contact information is correct/valid. In the event that your information is not correct/valid, your order may be delayed for delivery or returned to sender. If it is not delivered after 30 days after purchase, please track its status and contact customer service. Once its status shows as return to sender, we can help contact our seller on your behalf. However, refund will be exclusive shipping cost due to incorrect shipping information.
b. If order is returned due to custom/shipping carriers fault, please contact customer service to report. Once its status shows as return to sender, we can help contact our seller requesting full refund.

Lost package
When specifying shipping address, be sure to check that the zip code, city, and state are correct. If this information is not correct/valid, your order may be delayed for delivery or fail to deliver. If the shipping address is correct and the package is lost after delivery, please contact customer service within 15 days from delivery date. We will help contact our seller for refund.

Signature requirement
For overseas sellers, for safety their package may request signature or recipient on delivery. If there is no recipient on delivery, package may be returned to sender.

International customs regulations
Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. You understand that you are responsible for paying these charges. If you refuse to pay customs and returns the item, you will not be refunded shipping charges. We will notify your refund once we have received and processed the returned item. You should expect to receive your refund within 1-2 months.

Market Place Contact Info
Phone: 1(909)-348-0620 ext.2707
Email: Marketplace@yamibuy.com