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  • Free shipping over $69
Shipping Information

Ground shipping Shipping Fee $6.99(Free shipping over $69)

Ground Shipping(A/H) Shipping Fee $16.99(Free shipping over $99)

Ground Shipping(Canada) Shipping Fee $19.99(Free shipping over $129)

Within the United States: Shipping method A. buyer who ships through UPS or USPS First Class/Priority Mail/Ground (default US home delivery address and parcel weight less than 10 pounds) bears shipping costs of $6.99, orders over $69 for an average of 2-4 business days Arrival; Shipping method B. Buyers who ship via Fedex Ground (default US home delivery address and parcel weight greater than 10 lbs) are responsible for shipping costs of $8.99, orders over $69 for an average of 2-4 business days; Shipping method C. for USPS First Class/Priority Mail (A/H) ship buyers $16.99 (default US Hawaii, Alaska address) to pay $16.99, orders over $99 for an average of 4-6 business days to arrive; all orders after ordering 1-2 Shipped within working day. Within the Canada: Shipping method A. ship by USPS First Class/Priority Mail (default package weight is less than 5 pounds) is $19.99, and orders over $99 are available for an average of 6-8 business days. Shipping method B. via Fedex Buyers of International shipments (default package weight is greater than 5 lbs), paying $19.99 for shipping, orders over $129 for an average of 4-6 business days; all orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of placing an order.
Return Policy
Our store is responsible for the mistakes by ourself such as shipping wrong products and missing products in an order. We do not accept the return of any kind of quality problems. Our store promises to bundle and ship the products carefully. since all the goods are from long-distance, there are occasions such as simple pressure grinding that will not involve internal quality of the product cannot be returned. We will ship within 48 hours after order is placed. If you find quality problems after opening, please contact customer service within 3 days after received. If the customer is questioning the quality of the product at the time of use, please issue an authoritative organization's quality inspection report and a written assessment. If it is confirmed that the product is indeed a problem, it will be handled in accordance with the Yami product quality assurance. If you have an allergy problem and need to return or replacement, you need to provide the relevant certification from the hospital.
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