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Pre-order Policy

Pre-order Policy

Pre-order Policy

Why should I participate in pre-order event?

First to come gets the best deal.

Limited supplies, come early to guarantee your favorite mooncake.

Can I combine my pre-order form and my normal Yamibuy order form?
Unfortunately, you can not combine the two. The reason is because pre-order forms shipped separately from Yamibuy.

How much is shipping fee?
Free shipping for all purchases over $49, if your order is under $49, the shipping fee will be $5.99.

When will Yamibuy ship my pre-order items?
Every mooncakes homepage will have an estimated shipment date. The order will be shipped based on the lasted mooncake shipment date.

Will I be able to receive my mooncake before Moon Festival?
All pre-orders will be shipped before Moon Festival. However, we cannot guarantee all customers will receive their orders because of different locations. Yamibuy will contact customers to make sure if they want to cancel the order.

Delivery method?
Please read the rules for delivery:

Can I return my mooncake?
Yes you can, please read Yamibuy's return policy for more information:

Can I use points in my pre-order?
No, points cant be used in pre-order.

Will I have points in the pre-order?
Yes, pre-order products share the same points policy with the ordinary products from, please refer to the link for more details: