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Chinese Fruit

Discover the vibrant flavors and rich cultural heritage of Chinese fruit at Yami Buy. From juicy lychees to succulent dragon fruits, our wide selection of fresh and exotic produce will transport your taste buds to the bustling markets of China. With their unique textures and enticing aromas, Chinese fruits are not only a delight to the senses but also packed with essential nutrients. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your fruit salad or simply craving a refreshing snack, our Chinese fruit collection offers an array of options that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Low Price
YiLing 10 Options
×2 packs
$40.99 47% OFF

“Yiling's premium Longan Goji Tea, a transformative blend for heart calming & Qi nourishment in a pack of 150g Longan & 180g Goji Berries. Enhance wellness naturally.

Low Price
4.9 (58)
· 10+ Sold
$11.39 10% OFF

“Introducing Dali Ziguo's signature 'Yuemei Hong' Yellow River Jujube, 500g - a premium dried fruit treat. Fresh, nutritious, straight from the heart of Yellow River.

Low Price
YiLing 1 Options
5.0 (1)
· 30+ Sold
$21.99 45% OFF

“Yiling's Longan Pulp: A luscious addition for nourishing the spleen & calming the mind. Ideal for 150g wellness needs. Brand-trusted.

4.9 (69)
· 90+ Sold

“Indulge in SiHong's crispy Sesame Jujube snack, 252g. A delight from SiHong brand, bringing authentic taste to your snack time.

4.5 (105)
· 80+ Sold
$4.39 4% OFF

“Discover the refreshing taste of Liuliu Orchards' Green Tea Plum. A delightful 160g pack of savory goodness with a blend of natural flavors.

Low Price
4.8 (377)
· 200+ Sold

“Experience the nourishing benefits of Sihong's Ajing Jujube, 300g packed with natural goodness. Perfect for healthy snacking, Sihong's quality brand ensures premium taste.

Low Price
CAI ZHI LIN 1 Options
5.0 (1)
· 20+ Sold
$9.99 2% OFF

“Discover authentic Caizhilin Gorgon fruit, a 250g traditional Chinese herb perfect for soups and porridge. Enhance wellness with this premium brand.

Low Price
SLP 9 Options
20+ Sold
$3.49 5% OFF

“Discover Shuangli Brand's premium Tsaoko - a 56.75g pack of aromatic spice that enhances your dishes with authentic flavor.

Low Price
YiLing 6 Options
5.0 (1)
· 20+ Sold
$14.99 30% OFF

“Enjoy authentic Yongliying's Chinese Coix Seed from Guangdong - perfect for soups and porridge. Healthy, natural 200g pack.

4.7 (138)
· 200+ Sold

“Enjoy Liumiumei's authentic Original Flavor Green Plums. A 136g pack full of natural organic acids. Taste tradition.

4.9 (99)
· 200+ Sold
$5.09 1% OFF

“Indulge in the delicate crispness of Songhong's Crispy Jujube Snack. A 252g pack of authentic, brand-quality treat.

Low Price
$17.99 18% OFF

“Experience the natural goodness with Fangjiapuzi's top-grade Gleditsia rice, exclusive on Yami and a proud traditional Chinese brand.

Chinese Fruit

Whether you are a health-conscious individual looking for a nutritious snack or a food enthusiast eager to explore new flavors, our freeze-dried fruit crisps are a must-try. These crispy and lightweight treats retain the natural sweetness and vibrant colors of the fresh fruits, making them a guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or adding a delightful crunch to your favorite recipes, our freeze-dried fruit crisps are a versatile addition to your pantry. For those seeking a taste of tradition, our Asian fruit jelly cups are a delightful choice. Made with real fruit extracts and carefully crafted using time-honored recipes, these jelly cups offer a burst of fruity goodness in every bite. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing dessert or shared as a thoughtful gift, these delectable treats are a symbol of Asian heritage and culinary excellence.

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