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Chinese New Year Gifts

Celebrate the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year with our exquisite collection of gifts. From traditional delicacies to delicious snacks, our range of Chinese New Year gifts is sure to delight your loved ones and bring good fortune in the year ahead. Whether you're looking for a meaningful present for family or friends or simply want to indulge in the vibrant traditions of this joyous occasion, our carefully curated selection offers something for everyone. Embrace the spirit of prosperity and happiness with our Chinese New Year gifts, designed to spread joy and create lasting memories.

Dao Xiang Cun 10 Options
4.9 (247)
· 700+ Sold
$11.79 15% OFF

“Enjoy the authentic taste of the East with Daoxiangcun's traditional Chinese Walnut Cookies, a delish treat perfect for any occasion.

WANT WANT 9 Options
5.0 (9)
· 500+ Sold
$14.99 37% OFF

“Indulge in the festive spirit with 【WangWang】Variety Snack Gift Pack 511g by WangWang, the perfect treat for joyous occasions.

$69.99 42% OFF

“Indulge in the luxury of KANEBO IHOPE Facial Wash, the limited 2023 New Year Rabbit edition with bonus set. Perfect for rejuvenating skin!

$12.99 36% OFF

“Celebrate the New Year with your furry friend and Hipidog's Festive Knitted Collar with Bow Tie - the perfect pet accessory to start the year with style and joy!

$12.99 36% OFF

“Celebrate the New Year in style with your furry friend! Hipidog's festive 'Vitality New Year Knit Collar' - perfect for pets.

$12.99 36% OFF

“Celebrate the New Year with your furry friend wearing the Hip Dog Vitality New Year Knit Collar, a festive choice for both cats and dogs. This 'Hip Dog' branded collar with its lucky charm design is a perfect gift, enhancing the joy of the season.

$32.00 6% OFF

“Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with The Palace Museum's Taobao exclusive Spring Festival decorations. Embrace prosperity and joy this Lunar New Year with festive 'Fu' Character Door Stickers and Dragon Banners from the esteemed brand, essential for an auspicious celebration!

$5.99 41% OFF
Gift with Purchase

“Discover Fujima's 2024 Lunar New Year Money Envelopes. Elevate your luck with vibrant Lion Dance designs, perfect for the Year of the Dragon celebration.

$5.99 33% OFF
Gift with Purchase

“Explore Buima's 2024 Lunar New Year Red Envelopes, featuring 'Year of the Dragon' auspicious designs for prosperity and luck. Perfect for the holiday's gifting tradition.

$8.99 33% OFF
Gift with Purchase

“Experience the charm of By The Sea Blu Star's Bunny Birthday Candle & English Pear Freesia Scented Gift Box – a perfect celebration enhancer.

$12.99 45% OFF

“Keep your child's hands warm with the Chinese Other brand Dual-Layer Ski Gloves in vibrant ginger for 8-12 yrs. Touchscreen-friendly, plush & insulated for winter sports.

$80.99 13% OFF

“Experience warmth with THERMOS - top-notch 316 stainless steel vacuum cup with plush cover, perfect for gifting, 370ml.


“Experience the essence of spring with LUPICIA's Sakura Strawberry Flavored Red Tea, a 2024 limited edition fruit tea gift box that captivates with its blend of cherry blossom essence and succulent strawberries. Perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking an exclusive seasonal delight by LUPICIA.

$17.99 6% OFF

“Experience spring with LUPICIA's limited-edition cherry blossom red tea gift set. Relish in the fresh, fruity aroma unique to the 2024 season.

$12.99 53% OFF

“Yami's Prosperous Apron combines style and functionality for the kitchen. Adjustable straps with pockets for convenience.


“Discover authentic LUPICIA Japanese Fruit Black Tea for well-being, known as 'Daruma Good Fortune' - perfect blend for blissful moments.

$68.00 2% OFF

“Savor the elegance of ZhaoTea's ZhaoTea New Chinese Tea Gift Set, featuring premium White Peony tea. Perfect for gifting and tea connoisseurship.

$58.00 2% OFF

“Discover ZhaoTea's finest, ZhaoTea Nuevo-Style Tea Gift Set. Perfect for gifting, decoration and savoring premium fragrant small-leaf black tea.

$68.00 2% OFF

“Discover the essence of traditional Chinese tea with ZhaoTea's exquisite ZhaoTea Gift Set. Enjoy the fragrant Red & White Peony Tea combo, perfect for gifting.

First-rate 1 Options
5.0 (4)
· 10+ Sold
$10.99 27% OFF

“Discover the elegance of Chinese dining with First-rate Red Sandalwood Chopsticks. These exquisite gift-boxed sets of 5 add a touch of tradition to your New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year Gifts

Celebrate the joyous occasion of Chinese New Year with our exquisite selection of Chinese New Year gifts. Whether you are looking to surprise your loved ones or impress your business associates, our carefully curated collection offers a wide range of options to suit all tastes and preferences. From traditional Chinese delicacies to elegant home decor, we have the perfect gift to make this festive season truly memorable.

Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings and feasting, and what better way to celebrate than with delectable Chinese New Year food gifts? Treat your loved ones to a delightful assortment of mouthwatering treats, such as premium tea sets, gourmet snacks, and traditional Chinese pastries. These gifts not only symbolize good luck and prosperity but also provide a delightful culinary experience that can be enjoyed during the festive season.

In addition to food gifts, our selection also includes elegant home decor items that are perfect for adding a touch of festive ambiance to any space. From intricately designed lanterns to beautifully crafted Chinese calligraphy, these gifts are not only visually stunning but also hold deep cultural significance. Whether you are looking to decorate your own home or surprise a friend, our Chinese New Year gifts are sure to bring joy and prosperity in abundance.

Visit our website to explore our wide range of Chinese New Year gifts and find the perfect present for your loved ones. From the vibrant streets of Chinatown to the elegant settings of Dao Chinese Restaurant, celebrate this auspicious occasion with the finest selection of gifts that reflect the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Chinese New Year.

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