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japanese milk candy

Indulge in our exquisite selection of Japanese Milk Candy, a delectable treat that captures the essence of traditional Japanese confectionery. Each candy is thoughtfully crafted to bring you the creamy goodness of milk with a variety of intriguing flavors, such as the lush sweetness of Strawberry and Mango, the rich depth of Milk Tea, and the unique tang of Yogurt. From the classic Kasugai candies to the innovative White Rabbit's 12-flavor assortment, our candies are not just treats—they're experiences. Whether you're seeking the perfect chewy texture of MALANG COW Milk Candy or the delightful sip of a Royal Milk Tea drink, our range provides the highest quality and authenticity. Ideal for gifting, sharing, or savoring momentarily, this curated collection stands out for its use of high-quality ingredients and authentic taste profiles.

$3.99 32% OFF

“Indulge in the creamy delight of FUJIYA's Milky Candy, Lactic taste - a popular 120g treat from Japan. Rich flavor, genuine brand.

SANGARIA 1 Options
4.7 (314)
· 600+ Sold
$2.69 26% OFF

“A delicious Japanese black tea drink with 25% milk for an invigorating and thirst-quenching experience. Pros: Delicious taste, Smooth texture, Perfect balance of tea and milk, Convenient to drink, Interesting and unique flavor

$2.49 12% OFF

“A creamy and revitalizing Japanese coffee drink in a sleek can, perfect for on-the-go or at home. Pros: Strong and smooth blend, Great taste and flavor, Convenient and perfect for on-the-go, Creamy and perfect milk to coffee ratio, Good quality and value for the price

$13.69 5% OFF
Low Price
XZ 5 Options
4.8 (11)
· 200+ Sold
$2.19 13% OFF
4.6 (18)
· 60+ Sold
$3.29 3% OFF

“Indulge in the classic taste with South Korea's LOTTE Milk Candy. Authentic Lotte delight in a creamy 79g pack. Perfect treat for sweet moments.

5.0 (1)
· 70+ Sold
Low Price
4.7 (23)
· 40+ Sold

“Indulge in the classic taste of FUJIYA Milky Candy - a sweet delight from Japan. Perfectly chewy, these candies are a blissful treat for any sweet tooth.

4.4 (7)
· 100+ Sold
$9.99 30% OFF
Gift with Purchase

“Discover the authentic White Rabbit Creamy Candy from Guanshengyuan. A mix of 12 flavors, these nostalgic treats will reignite childhood memories. Perfect gift to savor, with about 16 pieces in a 90g pack.

POPCAN 4 Options
4.8 (287)
· 200+ Sold
$1.49 6% OFF

“Experience the magic of Disney with Japan's POPCAN fruit-flavored lollipops. Enjoy a taste of fun with a brand loved for its quality treats.


“Discover Rainbow's latest treat: 54g Special Mix Fruit Flavored Lollipops! A burst of rainbow delight in every bite. Perfect for candy lovers.

Low Price
POPCAN 4 Options
4.8 (107)
· 100+ Sold

“Indulge in a burst of flavor with POPCAN Disney Fruit Soda Flavored Lollipop, a juicy treat for all ages, randomly wrapped for a fun surprise!

POPCAN 4 Options
5.0 (14)
· 80+ Sold
$9.99 5% OFF

“Enjoy the fruity fizz with 【10-pack】 Disney-themed POPCAN lollipops. Perfect for sharing & parties. Taste the magic!


“Indulge in Japanese delight with FUJIYA's Chocolate Lollipop, a sweet treat perfect for gifting. Ideal for chocoholics!

$3.99 15% OFF

“Savor the zest of FUJIYA's orange-flavored chocolate candy. Authentic Japanese treat, perfect for a fruity sweet burst!

$29.99 5% OFF

“Indulge in EITARO's delicacies from Japan with the exquisite mix of Umesh, Kurozato, and Matcha candies. Perfect Tokyo souvenirs to sweeten any occasion.

$28.29 14% OFF

“A delicious assortment of traditional Japanese hard candies in unique flavors like Mango Mikan and Amaou Strawberry.

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