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Korean Rice

Indulge in the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Korea with our wide selection of Korean rice. Known for its exceptional quality and nutritional value, Korean rice has been a staple in Korean cuisine for centuries. Whether you're looking for short-grain or long-grain varieties, our collection offers a diverse range of options to suit your culinary preferences. Sourced directly from reputable suppliers, our Korean rice is carefully cultivated and processed to ensure the highest standards of taste and texture. Discover the authentic taste of Korea with our premium selection of Korean rice today.

OTTOGI 11 Options
4.8 (394)
· 2000+ Sold
$1.99 10% OFF

“Experience the convenience of OTTOGI Jin Ramen's Instant Rice in just 2 minutes! A perfect quick meal solution.

4.2 (54)
· 40+ Sold

“Enjoy the taste of Korea with CJ's authentic, ready-to-heat Bibimbap rice. Convenient and delicious meal in minutes. Perfect for the busy foodie!

4.8 (20)
· 100+ Sold
$2.99 3% OFF

“Discover NISHIKI's premium Japanese health food: Ready-to-Eat Brown Rice. A wholesome meal, perfect for health-conscious individuals!

4.6 (24)
· 40+ Sold
$17.29 13% OFF

“Indulge in the luxury of WISMETTAC's KOSHIHIKARI Rice, perfect for cooking and porridge - Authentic Japanese quality.


“NISHIKI's ready-to-heat Japanese rice, perfect for sushi making, 210g. Authentic taste, easy-to-prepare, ideal for quick meals.

4.5 (31)
· 80+ Sold
$6.99 28% OFF

“Discover NISHIKI's top-grade Japanese rice, 907g of premium quality for an authentic culinary experience. Perfect for sushi!

Low Price
OTTOGI 11 Options
4.3 (42)
· 100+ Sold
$3.59 16% OFF

“Experience the convenience of OTTOGI's Korean Black Rice, ready in just 2 minutes. Perfect for quick, nutritious meals.

Low Price
4.9 (44)
· 30+ Sold
$6.99 32% OFF

“Discover the authentic taste with NISHIKI's premium Japanese Brown Rice - 907g. Perfect for health-conscious cooks. NISHIKI quality assured.

Low Price
4.8 (69)
· 200+ Sold

“Discover premium WISMETTAC Sekka Rice from Japan - top choice for authentic dishes. Enjoy the unmatched quality of 2kg snowflake rice.

Low Price
4.9 (70)
· 100+ Sold
$2.49 12% OFF

“Enjoy authentic Japanese SHIRAKIKU Sanukiya instant rice in just 1 minute. Perfect for a quick, tasty meal. Grab your 210g pack now!

Low Price
4.8 (136)
· 100+ Sold

“Discover the authentic SHIRAKIKU Sanukiya Premium Glutinous Rice, perfect for crafting homemade mochi. A must-have staple from Japan.

4.9 (137)
· 40+ Sold
$5.49 1% OFF

“BIG GREEN’s Heirloom Black Rice, 454g, is USDA-certified, offering authentic hometown taste with versatility.

$12.49 18% OFF

“Discover the pinnacle of taste with NISHIKI's top-grade Japanese rice. Experience premium quality 2.27kg NISHIKI rice for authentic cuisine.

MI PO PO 2 Options
4.9 (263)
· 700+ Sold
$6.99 30% OFF

“Mipopo Rice Wine is a premium 900g fermented delight, crafted for an authentic taste experience by renowned brand Mipopo. A must-have in any pantry.

Korean Rice

Discover the rich and diverse world of Korean rice, a staple that has been cherished for centuries in Korean cuisine. At Yami, we offer a wide selection of the best Korean rice brands, sourced directly from Korea to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Whether you are a Korean food enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply someone who appreciates the unique flavors of Asian cuisine, our range of Korean rice is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

When it comes to choosing the best Korean rice brand, there are several factors to consider. The type of rice, such as short-grain or long-grain, can greatly influence the texture and taste of your dishes. Additionally, the cultivation method and region of origin can also play a role in the overall quality of the rice. At Yami, we carefully curate our selection to offer you the finest Korean rice options available.

Korean rice is not only a delicious and versatile ingredient but also a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate Asian cuisine or are looking to explore new culinary experiences. Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, Korean rice can be used in a multitude of dishes, from traditional Korean classics like bibimbap and kimchi fried rice to fusion creations that blend different culinary influences. So why wait? Buy Korean rice from Yami today and elevate your cooking to new heights with the authentic flavors of Korea.

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