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korean snacks

Experience the best of Korean snacks without leaving your home! Our collection includes the unique MANJUN x MINIONS roasted seaweed in various flavors, savory fish jerky, and the crunchy, delightful Puffed Star Snack Macaroni. Indulge in the traditional tastes with Damtuh's Korean Tea and Misugaru Meal Replacements. For those with a sweet tooth, our Sliced Dried Persimmons will hit the spot. Every snack is a journey through Korea's rich culinary landscape, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying solo.


“Delight in the unique Banana-flavored MANJUN Sea Snack, a MINIONS collab. Crunchy, tasty seaweed snacks for fun on-the-go indulgence.


“Perfect for breakfast or meal replacement, this 880g package with 40 servings offers a convenient and healthful option, brought to you by the trusted brand DANTEH.


“Snack smart with Mamma Recipe's Korean Chewy Mugwort Snack. Zero sugar, low-calorie, plant-based treats with UK vegan certification.


“Savor the authentic flavor of Korea with the Fox brand's ZEK Seaweed Crisp Combo - a delicious snack for kids, ready to ship from China. Perfect munchies offering the taste of the sea!

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