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Discover the world of salmon with our assortment of Black Pepper Flavor Salmon Skin Snack, Salmon Baby Spinach Pilaf, Authentic Miso Salmon Sauce and more designed for different age groups, including baby food options. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack like the Crispy Hot & Sour Salmon Puff Chips or a wholesome meal with the Salmon Mushroom Pilaf, we cater to every salmon lover's taste.

$7.49 10% OFF

“Introducing Wakodo's Baby Meal Mix, a nutritious 9M+ Salmon Spinach Rice & Creamy Vegetable Soup, tool-included. No additives, perfect for busy parents!

5.0 (2)
· 20+ Sold

“Savor authentic Japanese flavors with OTAFUKU's Miso Salmon Seasoning Mix. Easy to use, perfect for delicious home-cooked meals.


“Discover the lavish taste of Zhenhewei's 【Prosperity Daily】Taiwanese Salmon Snack – a luxurious 75g pack designed as a million-dollar bill for a rich experience.

Low Price
5.0 (3)
· 50+ Sold
$2.99 10% OFF

“Experience authentic Japanese flavors with NAGATANIEN's Salmon Furikake Rice Seasoning. Perfect for onigiri and ochazuke, this 9g pack from the renowned brand Nagatani-en elevates your meal instantly.

Low Price
Lay's Thailand 8 Options
4.3 (3)
· 80+ Sold

“Get the exclusive 'Thai Edition' Lay's Grain Crispy Shrimp Chips with spicy salmon flavor, 67g, only on Yami. Savor the authentic Thai taste from the comfort of your home!

$7.49 10% OFF

“Introducing Wakodo's authentic Japanese baby food, the nutritious 9M+ Tuna Vegetable Risotto & Creamy Salmon Soup, now with utensils & additive-free for your baby's healthy diet.

5.0 (2)
· 30+ Sold
$7.99 25% OFF

“Enjoy a taste of Japan with Nagatanien's authentic Salmon Furikake Rice Seasoning, a 6-pack culinary delight for your meals.

Low Price
$9.65 29% OFF

“Indulge in the taste of the ocean with Uo no Ie's premium Kurothroat Fish Dried Seaweed Soup, a perfect blend for health-conscious seafood lovers.

$5.99 54% OFF

“Nourish your little one with PIGEON's high-calcium, iron, and DHA-enriched baby food blend - a delicious mix of chicken and salmon for 9+ months.

$29.99 3% OFF

“Enjoy the taste of Japan with Akita Manman's authentic Cod Fish Seaweed Rice, ready-to-eat and free from additives. Perfect blend of cod and salmon for a wholesome meal.

Low Price
5.0 (3)
· 30+ Sold
$10.99 37% OFF

“Indulge in the top-selling NISSUI Grilled Salmon Cans straight from Japan - 96g twin pack enriched with natural sun salt. Perfect for health-conscious gourmands!

Low Price
$4.91 47% OFF
Sold by MiauMall

“PIGEON brings nutritious, high-calcium, iron & DHA blend for toddlers. Try the Chicken & Salmon flavored rice mix, sourced direct from Japan!

MARUMIYA 2 Options
20+ Sold
$3.42 59% OFF
Sold by MiauMall

“Experience authentic Japanese cuisine with Marumiya's Salmon Nori Furikake, a quick and flavorful rice seasoning from direct Japan mail.

$2.20 35% OFF

“Savor premium Japanese quality with 【Direct from Japan】Felix Wet Cat Food Salmon Flavor 50g by 日本其他. A true feline feast!

Low Price
$5.99 24% OFF

“WAKODO Wakodo's 9+ months baby meal with salmon, tuna and green veggies, direct from Japan for healthy growth.

$25.99 7% OFF
Sold by Huarentang

“Enjoy the authentic taste of Akita Manman's Cod and Seaweed Rice - a preservative-free, ready-to-eat Japanese delicacy. Perfect for quick, healthy meals.

$7.99 43% OFF

“Enjoy authentic Japanese sushi at home with AJINOMOTO's Rice Seasoning Mix - Red Salmon & Seaweed. Perfect for sushi lovers.

MARUMIYA 2 Options
5.0 (5)
· 30+ Sold
$3.59 16% OFF

“Marumiya's Authentic Japanese Salmon Furikake adds flavor to any meal. A must-have for food enthusiasts.

$10.99 38% OFF

“Indulge in the top-selling Nissui Grilled Salmon with a touch of authentic Tennen Salt, directly shipped from Japan. Perfect for health-conscious gourmets.

$5.80 25% OFF

“Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine with NAGATANIEN's Salmon Rice Porridge - a meal ready in minutes, perfect for a cozy night in. A must-have for foodies!

MARUMIYA 28 Options
3.0 (1)
· 20+ Sold
$3.59 30% OFF

“Savor Japanese culinary delights with Marumiya's trendy Furikake Rice Mix, featuring authentic Mentaiko Salmon flavor. Easy-to-use, straight from Japan!

MARUMIYA 3 Options
20+ Sold
$2.50 32% OFF

“Discover the authentic taste of Japan with Marumiya's popular Salmon Nori Furikake. Easy-to-use, this top-rated Marumiya seasoning is perfect for rice balls.


Elevate your dining experience with our unique selection such as the Sliced Roast Salmon Gift Box, perfect for special occasions, or add a Japanese twist to your favorite dish with Shake Furikake - Salmon Seasoning for Rice. Ensure your little one's nutrition with our Baby Food Instant Bentos, rich in omega-3 and DHA, and explore the convenience of our instant Salmon Chazuke. All our products capture the essence of premium salmon to satisfy your craving.

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