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Welcome to our yogurt paradise where we offer a plethora of options, from the traditional Greek Yogurt Original to the playful Mango & Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt Drink and Strawberry Yogurt Drink with a Fun Baby Bottle Lid. For health-conscious consumers, our Lacto Master Bites Yogurt Natural Flavour and Organic Yogurt Bites are the perfect choices. Indulge in our High End Drink Series for luxurious Greek Flavor Yogurt or savor a unique twist with Strawberry Oat Greek Yogurt. Plus, create your own with our Stainless Steel Tank Yogurt Maker!

Low Price
AMBROSIAL 12 Options
4.7 (315)
· 900+ Sold
$2.99 33% OFF

“Enjoy the authentic taste of Anmuxi Greek Style Yogurt, original flavor - a delightful, creamy snack from the trusted brand Anmuxi.

$19.99 35% OFF

“Get the best deal on Bio-E Probiotic Chewables by Wong Yibo, like Liu Genghong says, 'Great for digestion & gut health!'

Low Price
AMBROSIAL 12 Options
4.9 (33)
· 300+ Sold
$2.99 23% OFF
Pay with Gift Card to get sale price: $1.69

“Amixi Greek-style Strawberry Oat Yogurt 200g by Anmuxi. Indulge in the rich and creamy delight that energizes your day. Perfect for a healthy snack.

$49.99 37% OFF
Gift with Purchase

“Introducing the BEAR Yogurt Maker, an innovative all-in-one yogurt, rice wine, and natto machine. Experience simplicity with the 1.0L SNJ-C10H2, a perfect addition to your kitchen essentials from the well-known brand BEAR.

Low Price
AMBROSIAL 12 Options
4.8 (466)
· 500+ Sold

“Experience the perfect blend of taste and health from Ambrosial, delivered in assorted packages for an exquisite snack time.

$9.79 15% OFF

“Experience the delightful taste of IVENET Cheese Flavor Baby Snack, a popular choice for nutritious and tasty baby food from Korea.

YaoZhi 1 Options
20+ Sold

“Discover the upgraded Yaozhi Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream Puff - a multipurpose antimicrobial makeup sponge, perfect for a gentle touch.

HEMA 2 Options
4.9 (7)
· 400+ Sold
$4.99 14% OFF

“Savor Hema's Refreshing Yogurt Hawthorn Cubes - the perfect tangy snack to reawaken your taste buds. 100% authentic, easy to enjoy, and rich in flavor. Grab your 208g pack today!

Low Price
AMBROSIAL 12 Options
4.7 (92)
· 400+ Sold
$2.59 27% OFF

“Anmuxi Greek Style Yogurt with Strawberry Flavor 205g. A premium snack full of creamy delight, brought to you by Anmuxi.

Low Price
GLICO.TH 8 Options
3.5 (2)
· 100+ Sold

“Indulge in the unique taste of Thailand with GLICO Pocky Blueberry Yogurt flavor - a Thai-exclusive treat by Glico Thailand.

WAKODO 17 Options
5.0 (4)
· 50+ Sold
$5.99 36% OFF

“Introducing Wakodo's Baby DHA Teething Biscuits in Yogurt Flavor, a 12M+ snack for teething relief & brain development.

Low Price
$36.99 43% OFF

“Enjoy the creamy taste of Australia with Bio-E's Yogurt Flavored White Kidney Bean Chewable Tablets. Endorsed by Wang Yibo, this dietary fiber supplement promoted by Liu Genghong offers carb blocking benefits. Get yours now with mixed old and new packaging!

UHA 8 Options
70+ Sold

“Discover the unique taste of Japan with UHA Mikakuto's Sour Yogurt Flavor Gummy Candy. Experience the extended delight in every 32g pack.


“Discover the perfect blend of taste with Laiyifen's Dual-Flavored Yogurt. Savor the Strawberry & Original Milk flavors in each pack. Nutritious & delicious choice!

GAINENG 2 Options
30+ Sold

“Savor the unique taste of GaiNeng's Fun Family Name Biscuits, now in a delightful yogurt flavor, perfect for a light snack or a family treat.

HATAKOSEN 15 Options
4.6 (8)
· 200+ Sold
$2.59 10% OFF

“Quench your thirst with HATAKOSEN's RAMUNE Soda, a Japanese delight renowned for its unique yogurt flavor and fun marble pop design.


“Discover AMANDIER's Hello Kitty Peach Probiotic Gummies - a 30g pack of delightful treats with a fusion of peachy goodness and gut-friendly probiotics.

yifen 2 Options
5.0 (3)
· 50+ Sold

“Indulge in the creamy delight of Laiyifen's Original Flavor Xixi Yogurt Drink, a 100g dairy refreshment packed with taste and quality.

MORINAGA 19 Options
4.8 (23)
· 100+ Sold
$3.19 6% OFF

“Indulge in the sweet blend of strawberry, blueberry, and yogurt with MORINAGA HI-CHEW candy from Japan. Perfect for fruit flavor lovers!

Low Price

“Indulge in Zhenkafu's Probiotic Wafer Biscuits with Lactic Flavor - only 108g packed with healthful benefits, perfect for a nutritious snack!

AVIEW 3 Options
3.0 (1)
· 20+ Sold

“Treat your toddler with AVIEW's Strawberry Yogurt Balls - a delicious and nutritious snack from Korea. Bite-sized and perfect for kids!

AVIEW 3 Options
3.0 (1)
· 30+ Sold

“Enjoy AVIEW's Organic Yogurt Melts, Blueberry - a snack that supports eye health, from Korea, now in 20g packs. Snack smart & tasty!

$2.29 21% OFF

“Experience the authentic taste of Japan with CALPICO's Non-Carbonated Natural Yogurt Drink. Original flavor, no colors added, in a convenient 4-bottle mini pack. Savor the goodness!

$8.99 16% OFF

“Enjoy the fizzy delight of LOTTE Milkis, Korea's favorite milky soda. A perfect blend of rich milk flavor & refreshing carbonation. Pack of 6.

yifen 2 Options
4.6 (5)
· 50+ Sold

“Enjoy the burst of strawberry bliss with Laiyifen's Succulent Yogurt Strawberry Drink, 100g – a dairy delight by the renowned Laiyifen brand.

MORINAGA 19 Options
5.0 (5)
· 60+ Sold

“Savor the tangy taste of MORINAGA Milk Candy - authentic Japanese chewy delights in Yogurt flavor, perfect for on-the-go snacking!


Explore our exciting range of yogurts that cater to every taste and dietary preference. Our Strawberry Oat Greek Yogurt, a perfect blend of fruity flavor and creamy texture, offers a delightful breakfast option. For busy parents, our Strawberry Yogurt Drink - Fun Baby Bottle Lid is not only convenient but also a fun way for kids to enjoy their dairy intake. Seeking something more indulgent? Try our Blueberry Yogurt Melts Snack For Kids or the exquisitely flavored Pretz Blueberry Yogurt. Whatever your choice, our yogurts are rich in calcium, probiotics, and the sweet satisfaction of natural ingredients.

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