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Shipping Information

Ground Shipping Shipping Fee $9.99(Free shipping over $49)

Ground Shipping(Canada) Shipping Fee $9.99(Free shipping over $49)

If there is no special request, all goods will be sent by international EMS from China, and transit by USPS in the United States. Please contact customer service if you need DHL, Fedex or other sending requests. Shanghai goods in stock will be shipped out within 2 business days after the order is placed. In addition to special circumstances and the number of statutory holidays in China, the shop works from Monday to Friday.
Return Policy
The store undertakes product quality problems or mistakes caused by the business, will be reissued or refunded. Other reasons for the return of the costs incurred by the customer.. Returned products need to be returned unopened and unused. The store promises to bundle and ship the goods carefully, but since all the goods are long-distance, even those who are simply outsourcing and grinding but do not involve internal quality problems will not be returned. If you find the problem after signing, please contact customer service within three days after receiving the goods.
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