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KiKo Cosme

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  • Free shipping over $99
  • Genuine guarantee
  • Ship from Japan
Shipping Information

DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99)

DHL(A/H) Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99)

EMS/E-PACKAGE(US Mainland) Shipping Fee $19.99(Free shipping over $99)

DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99) DHL Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99) DHL(A/H) Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99) Due to the New Year holiday in Japan in 2021, DHL Logistics in Japan will stop the transportation service from December 30 to January 3. During this period, the delivery of orders will be suspended. The delivery will resume on January 4, 2021, and all orders will be postponed for processing. All products default to DHL Japan direct delivery, please reserve the mobile phone number when placing an order, there will be an SMS notification one day before DHL delivery. The average time for DHL Tokyo to send to the United States is 4-5 days. It can be tracked at any time according to the direct issue number. Our shop is issued by Tokyo within 48 hours after placing the order. Except for special circumstances and individual statutory holidays in Japan, our shop delivers goods 7 days a week. The package needs to be signed by the guest. If not signed, the guest must bear the risk of losing the package. If there are tariffs on parcels sent to Canada, please pay by yourself.
Return Policy
The store is responsible for errors caused by the store, such as wrong delivery, missing delivery, etc., and will reissue or refund. However, returns and exchanges for non-quality problems are not accepted (due to price differences, our shop will not be responsible for returns). The store promises to pack and ship carefully, but because all goods are long- distance international logistics, they occasionally wear simple outer packaging but do not involve internal quality issues, so they will not be returned. If you find quality problems after opening the package, please take a clear photo or video, and contact customer service within three days after receiving the goods. If the product is confirmed to be returned, the buyer must ensure that the returned product is brand new and unused, otherwise, the refund will not be fully refunded after receiving the product.
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