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  • Free shipping over $99
  • Genuine guarantee
  • 7-day return
  • Ship from Taiwan
Shipping Information

DHL Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99)

DHL(Canada) Shipping Fee $19.9(Free shipping over $99)

If there is no special request, all goods will be sent by DHL direct mail. Please contact customer service if you need UPS, Fedex or other shipping requests. Products in stock will be shipped out in the next 2 business days after the order is placed. Some products have short expiration date, we do not keep many in stock in order keep the products as fresh as possible.The average shipping time of DHL from Taiwan to the United States is 3-5 business days. In addition to special circumstances and the number of statutory holidays in Taiwan, the shop works from Monday to Friday. 4/4 to 4/7 (Taiwan time) is Taiwan’s holiday, all products will be suspended for shipment, and will resume shipment after 4/8 working day, thank you.
Return Policy
We take responsibility for any shipments that have missing and/or wrong items due to our packing or shipping error. All shipments are packed carefully to minimize any damage that might occur during transport. This however, does not guarantee that simple damages to packaging may occur due to the shipment’s long journey to its destination. We do not accept any returns or exchanges for products that incur any physical damages in packaging. We do not accept any returns or exchanges for Grocery products. If there are internal damages that affect the quality of the food item (digestibility, taste, odor, etc.), please contact customer service within three days after the receipt of goods.
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