Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival🐉

Dragon Boat Festival is a lively celebration that combines exhilarating races, featuring boats adorned with dragon heads, with the enjoyment of delectable sticky rice dumplings. Scroll to find your favorite zongzi!

Sticky Rice Dumplings/Zongzi🍙

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Zongzi, the iconic leaf-wrapped rice dumplings, are eaten during Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, a legendary poet, and statesman. He met his demise in the Miluo River, so to pay respects to his patriotism we feed fish with these zongzi so his body and soul might escape the mouths of hungry fish

Pray for Good Fortune🤞

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Immerse in the enchanting traditions of Dragon Boat Festival with fragrant charms, intricate paper cutting, and vibrant lanterns, invoking blessings and warding off evil spirits

Family Reunion Dinner 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Celebrate this festive season with your loved ones as you enjoy zongzi together and appreciate the traditions of Dragon Boat Festival

Friends & Family Gatherings 🫂

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Create unforgettable memories and bond with your loved ones this Dragon Boat Festival, as you share cherished moments and captivating stories

Entertainment Must-Haves 🀄

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Keep the fun flowing with a designated space for leisure and games, creating a lively atmosphere that ensures delightful moments with your guests

Nourish Your Health 💊

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Get ready for the long summer days with the art of nourishment, replenishing energy, dispelling imbalances, and promoting well-being through the essence of healthful living

Bestselling Snacks🍬

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Dragon Boat Festival not your thing? Be sure to check out our other top selling products~

Did you know? 💡

There are various types of zongzi, which are sticky rice dumplings traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. While the most common type is filled with glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo leaves, there are regional variations and different fillings. Some popular zongzi varieties include ones stuffed with savory ingredients like pork belly, salted egg yolk, beans, or nuts, while others are sweetened with ingredients like red bean paste or dates. These diverse zongzi options provide a delightful range of flavors to enjoy during the festival.


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