Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival


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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 🌕

Celebrate the season of togetherness with our delectable mooncakes and enjoy an extra 10% off when you use discount code: FULLMOON, valid from 9/19 11:00AM - 9/29 11:59PM PT. Join us in savoring the sweetness of tradition under the full moon.

Special Offer💥 Additional 10% Off

*Discounted mooncakes are not eligible for the Price Match Policy.

Prefer Pastries? 🧁

You can have them too with discount code: FULLMOON

Savor Mooncakes Under the Full Moon 🥮

Under the round moon in the sky and the round mooncakes on the table which symbolizes reunion, mooncakes are undoubtedly the stars of Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether savory or sweet, traditional or modern, each one is irresistible!

DIY Mooncakes! 🧑‍🍳

A fantastic activity for the Mid-Autumn Festival, especially if you're celebrating with children!

Good Food & Great Company 🍿

Shop All

Let's come together with family and friends to reminisce about the past, while looking ahead to the future, all while enjoying an endless variety of snacks and drinks!

Mid-Autumn Warmth: Thoughtful Gifting 🎁

Gifting during Mid-Autumn is a heartfelt way to express love and appreciation, fostering deeper connections between family and friends

Raising a Toast to the Moon 🍵

On the night of Mid-Autumn, under the moonlight, sip on tea and enjoy mooncakes, while sharing laughter and conversation, cherishing this wonderful time with one another

Mid-Autumn Reunion Preparations 🏡

Setting a table for a family feast to convey the spirit of reunion is an essential ritual of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Use these kitchen essentials to impress your loved ones!