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K-Beauty Trend Essentials 💄

Discover the newest makeup and skincare from the trendiest brands, making it effortless for you to dive into the world of K-beauty and embark on your beauty journey

Trendiest K-Beauty Picks 📈

Bringing the most innovative and sought-after beauty products straight to your fingertips

✨ Achieve Your Dream Makeup Look

It Girl Look 💎

Makeup Look Essential Steps:

  • Base Makeup: Semi-matte and dewy finish, opting for slightly darker shade choices to enhance texture and dimension
  • Blush: Choose a subtle, light-colored blush to add a touch of coolness to the overall makeup look
  • Highlight and Contour: Sculpt your facial features using the interplay of light and shadow
  • Highlight areas (prominent features that need to stand out): brow bone, forehead, triangle under the eyes, chin, and center of the nose
  • Shadow areas (create a slimming and dimensional effect): sides of the nose, along the cheeks from the ears to the corners of the mouth, and sides of the forehead
  • Eyebrows: Opt for a lighter color and follow the natural growth direction of your eyebrows, resembling the popular trend of "natural brows" seen in recent years
  • Eye Makeup: Create a matte textured subtle smokey eye look, paired with long and curled eyelashes to enhance the captivating appeal. Apply black winged eyeliner for a bold and fierce look. Blend the eyeshadow to accentuate the eye contours and add a touch of allure
  • Lips: Choose lip colors in shades of plum, true red, and berry, exuding a powerful and commanding presence

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K-Drama Main Character Look 👸

Makeup Look Essential Steps:

  • Base Makeup: To achieve a flawless complexion, start with moisturization. Apply concealer to blemishes and blend with a brush. Use foundation or cushion compact for your base, patting and spreading evenly. Set with loose powder to control shine for oily skin in winter
  • Eyebrows: Choose a slightly darker shade than your hair color. Fill in lightly with an eyebrow pencil, following the natural shape. Use an eyebrow brush for a feathery, natural look
  • Eye Makeup: Achieve a K-drama girl-next-door charm with simple, monochromatic eyeshadow. Apply matte brown eyeshadow in the crease area and blend. Highlight inner corners with white or flesh-toned eyeshadow. Use subtle, elongated eyeliner for depth. Define and lengthen lashes for a flawless finish by separating each lash
  • Blush: Choose dusty rose or coral shades for a natural and uplifting touch. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, blending in circular motions
  • Lips: Choose muted shades like dusty rose or nude pink for a seamless look. Opt for a satin finish instead of matte or glossy. Soften lip peaks and edges for a natural, "my lips but better" effect

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Idol Makeup Look 🎤

Makeup Look Essential Steps:

  • Base Makeup: To showcase vibrant and youthful-looking skin, the key to your base makeup is to keep it light and hydrated. Avoid heavy and dry textures! Aim for a sheer and radiant finish that reflects a healthy glow. This will enhance the youthful and energetic vibe of K-pop idols
  • Eyebrows: In the current trend of "natural brows," the focus is on achieving an authentic and soft look. Embrace a subtle, softly arched eyebrow shape that mimics the flow of natural hair. This will create a fresh and youthful vibe, enhancing the overall genuine appeal
  • Eye Makeup: Opt for vibrant and youthful colors like peachy pink or coral for your eyeshadow, which exude a playful and girlish charm. Pair it with curled and lengthened lashes for a sunflower-like effect, and a natural and innocent eyeliner. This combination will give you a lively and captivating look
  • Cheek Contouring and Highlighting: Highlighter is the finishing touch for a camera-ready idol-like face. It enhances facial features, giving them a refined and three-dimensional appearance. A natural highlighter creates a subtle luminosity, adding a translucent and radiant water-like glow to specific areas of the face
  • Lips: Opt for a moisturizing texture and pair it with bright colors like grapefruit, strawberry, or tomato shades that complement your eyeshadow. This combination will make your lips appear plump and full, with a juicy and vibrant pop of color. It exudes a super energetic and youthful vibe

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✨Featured Facial Masks

AROH Marin Energy Moisture Mask

AROH's new product, the "Ocean Intensive Deep Moisturizing Mask," is a beloved hidden gem among Korean women. It effectively replenishes and revitalizes dry, dehydrated skin, providing intense hydration and long-lasting nourishment with natural aloe vera and seaweed extracts for a resilient, healthy complexion

User Comments:

  • 1. "I've found that using one sheet of this mask in the summer evenings is incredibly soothing for the skin, and the moisturizing effects are truly remarkable!"
  • 2. "This mask fits my face shape perfectly, and I don't even need to trim the sheet to cover every corner. The essence doesn't drip everywhere, and after using just one sheet, my skin looks radiant and smooth!"
  • 3. "Lately, I've been experiencing some redness on my face, but this mask has been amazing at calming and soothing my skin. It doesn't cause any irritation when applied, and I love that it's fragrance-free. As someone with nasal allergies, I'm really satisfied with it."
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BRING GREEN Artemisia 90% Fresh Mask

BRING GREEN's 90% Natural Mask Series embraces the popular VEGAN concept, ensuring a burden-free and healthy, hydrated complexion at all times. Infused with 90% Artemisia annua extract, rich in amino acids and flavonoids, it provides deep nourishment and soothing benefits for sensitive skin, effectively addressing dehydration and delivering a unique combination of calming and moisturizing properties

User Comments:

  • 1. "The essence absorbs really well, and after using it for 20 minutes, my skin, which usually feels slightly tingling after pulse light treatment, becomes incredibly comfortable and soothed."
  • 2. "The sheet is exceptionally thin, and the high concentration of botanical essence provides an amazing calming and soothing effect. It's definitely going straight into my mask collection!"