#LunarCrewYear Giveaway

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🧨🧧#LunarCrewYear Challenge 🧧🧨

Post a party to win $2,023! That's right we're giving away $2,023 to one lucky winner.

Here's how to join the #LunarCrewYear party

1. Post a video or photo celebrating Lunar New Year with your crew

2. Tag #LunarCrewYear & Yami on Instagram: @yamibuy, TikTok: @yami.official, or 小红书: @亚米-Yami

3. Challenge your friends to celebrate. Submissions close January 31!

See full entry details here.

#LunarCrewYear is the NEW 'Friendsgiving'

Take a seat at our #LunarCrewYear table to see how it's done. Lunar New Year 2023 is on Sunday, January 22, but we're giving you until January 31, 2023 to show off your #LunarCrew for cash!

Ring in the New Year Right

Give a gift to a friend and usher in good vibes for 2023. We've got lucky charms, annual planners, calendars, and comfy products to bring in well wishes this year.

Lunar New Year Around the World

The busiest time for travel in East and South East Asian cultures falls on Lunar New Year. Explore different traditions and celebrations with unique twists.

More Chinese New Year Traditions

Prep for the holiday by cleaning and decorating the house, preparing snacks, and family-style meals, plus many other customs. It is the busiest time of travel in many countries as friends and family gather from near and far for reunion dinners, often in traditional dress, and bringing each other gifts and well wishes.

Show me the bunny!

The Chinese zodiac is based on a mythical epic race amongst 12 animals to keep time and represent each passing year in the order in which they reached the finish line. Each animal repeats every 12 years, symbolizing a new energy and some even believe, personality characteristics for those born in its year. This is the year of the Water Rabbit, for those of you who like astrology and feng shui find your predictions for 2023 according to your birth sign!