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Traditional Flavors of China

The distinctive tastes of traditional Chinese food can be categorized into five flavors: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter. Each flavor is the defining feature of food coming from a different region of China. All your favorite Chinese dishes, snacks, and even beverages can be categorized like this, with each of the five traditional flavors working together in a perfectly balanced way. In Chinese, this balance is called 和, the ultimate form of harmony. Our Traditional Flavors of China Box has it all!

We're excited to present our Chinese Flavors box:

Yami TRADITIONAL FLAVORS OF CHINA box features 10 different popular snacks, desserts, and beverages. Each of the items is a perfect representation of a certain flavor or a great combination of a few. Opening this box will be a fun journey down the path of traditional Chinese gourmet snacks.

What's in the box?

  • 1. UME HOUSE Black Sugar Plum cake 50g
  • 2. JINGDUIGU Soybean Strips (Hotpot Flavor) 168g
  • 3. BUYDEEM Kumquat Lemon Osmanthus Tea 66g
  • 4. MR FANG'S STORE Grey Date 500g
  • 5. SUNITY Milky Red Beans Herbal Jelly 222g*2Cups 444g
  • 6. SANNIU Shang Hai Wan Nian Qing Onion Cracker Biscuit D'oignon 400g
  • 7. WHITE RABBIT Creamy Candy Ice Cream Flavor 150g
  • 8. ZHIWEIGUAN West Lake Pure Lotus Root Noodle 300g
  • 9. KAM YUEN Roasted Broad Bean Crab Roe Flavor 285g
  • 10. YUMEI YAM Twisted Roll Caramel & Spicy Flavor 88g