Milk Tea is For The People, Wherever You Are

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Milk Tea is For The People, No Matter Where U Are!

Milk teas and lightly caffeinated beverages have been increasingly becoming more popular with time. We have the coffee alternative matcha, iced Thai tea options in coffee shops, and bubble milk tea opening up in every corner of the world! These milky beverages are here to stay for literally anyone to enjoy, anywhere and anytime.

Top-selling Milk Teas

Taro Bubble Tea

Bubble tea culture has been on the rise here in the West, as I feel like there's a shop in every major neighborhood within my city- but I am not complaining, I love bubble tea! But to the folks who don't live in an area that's in close proximity to a bubble tea shop, then this Inotea Bubble Taro Tea is an excellent choice. Delicious flavor with tapioca pearls that aren't as chewy, but close to imitating actual bubble tea to fulfill that craving.

Coffee and Milk Tea Combination

I know this beverage comes with a lid and straw, but do yourself a favor and ditch them both. This drink is excellent once poured into ice. Close to authentic and addictively strong. When I compared it to the Hong Kong style milk tea, I actually found that this milk tea had the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out the bitterness from the coffee. Pure taste of coffee, and dare I say it? Damn right amazing.

Matcha Latte

For those looking for a healthier alternative to coffee, UCC's Matcha latte is a fresh option for you! This beverage is more milkier and sweeter, with a mild matcha taste but nonetheless delicious. I don't know about you folks, but sometimes the packaging for items can really entice me into making a purchase. Especially this drink, it comes in such a cute and compact handheld bottle, and yes it is small but the sweet flavor is perfect for the size!

Thai Tea

This is the Thai tea hack you've been searching for! Okay but seriously, no one is looking for a Thai Tea hack- but if you did, then purchasing this bag of ground tea is the one. It's a loose tea and the directions on the bag are easy to follow. There is a bit of work, but the hack is that you make the tea in a big batch, and when you decide to go for a cup, you can add condensed milk and sugar to the tea during any time you'd like! Deliciously fresh and convenient, that's a win to me.