China’s Distinctive Yet Delicious Drinks

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China’s Distinctive Yet Delicious Drinks

China is known to have an extensive past of culinary masterpieces, and one might overlook that they brought a variety of different beverages to the world. Tea was born in Ancient China 5000 years ago, milk tea came out of Hong Kong and Taiwan, plus there are so many classic drinks the people of all classes and age resonate with- making China both rich and delicious in history.

Top-selling Drinks From China

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White Peach Soda Water

Okay i'll be honest, I was not expecting much from this drink at all. One might say this is just another carbonated sparkling water, but I was pleasantly surprised by its bright and crisp peach flavor! While this drink is a great contender on its own, I can't help but think how delicious it would be once mixed with alcohol and a hint of lemon. Hold up, I think I'm onto something here!

Fruit Tea With Pomegranate and White Grape

So this drink comes with a lid and a straw for you to poke through, which is a cute charm to the beverage- however, I found that pouring the drink into a cup of ice really optimized its refreshing and subtly fruity taste. The flavor is not too sweet but does leave you with a white grape aftertaste. I also hear that this drink is great with toppings such as coconut jelly, sounds like a delicious combination to me!

Hong Kong Milk Tea

I'm the type of individual that craves excitement, a little danger to me doesn't hurt. But oh man, this milk tea is a different type of danger- as I did not expect this drink to be so delicious and strong. Fragrant and somewhat sweet, but best to drink in the morning so that you can go on with your day facing any type of thrill that may come your way!

Lemon Iced Tea

These bottles of lemon iced tea are those types of drinks that are great to have and stock up for social gatherings. I imagine myself grabbing these out of a cooler, and drinking a bottle on a sunny afternoon spent eating and hanging with my friends at the park. The faint sweet taste of sweetness pairs well with the refreshing flavors of lemon and black tea. A classic style, but really all you'd need to fulfill your thirst.

A Children’s Classic: Want Want Milk Drink

Growing up as a child, my favorite pastime consisted of drinking milk after lunch and sometimes after dinner to pair off with cookies! It is very unfortunate that I did not grow up in an area where they had sold these milk drinks, and if they did then that would have been my jam throughout the day. All I can say is that this is a healthy milk drink with a lingering silky sweetness, that takes you on a road all the way down childhood memory lane.

Peach Oolong Tea

This sugar-free and refreshing drink is perfect for those who would need to get their tea fix on the go. Some may not have time to brew their own tea, and keeping chilled bottles of these in the fridge is definitely convenient. A delicious oolong taste with a fruity aroma, and a very mild sweet peach flavor. Light and handy, a solid mix to keep you moving and energized.