Enjoy Summer Japan Vibes With These 6 Drinks

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Enjoy Summer Japan Vibes With These 6 Drinks

If you ever have a chance to peek at the beverage section of a Japanese grocery store or convenience store (or even just a regular old vending machine), you’ll get a sense for just how much effort goes into R&D for beverage products in Japan. From the more traditional tea and coffee drinks to the more interesting fruity and yogurty drinks—as well as a wide variety of “beer” products, including non-alcoholic ones!—there’s no shortage of fun Japanese beverages to try. Keep on reading to see what new items to try, as the weather warms up and you start feeling the urge to add a bit more excitement to your daily hydration options!

Top-selling Drinks From Japan

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A Perfect Cup of Tea, Made Easy

Have you ever gone to a sushi place and seen one of those tea cups with all the different kanjis on them? Did you ever wonder what they said? Well, with the OTSUKA Do Yunomi Green Tea Bag, you can have your tea cup and keep it too! Green tea is enjoyed for its color, fragrance, and taste, and this product will give you all three in the tea it makes. It comes with 10 tea bags that’ll give you multiple cups of perfect green tea, without having to clean up loose tea leaves. Enjoy it with sushi, snacks, or any other Japanese foods that are sumptuous or simple. Be sure to boil your water but then let it cool a bit before pouring it into your tea cup for the best result!

Coffee. Straight. Delicious.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll love this beverage. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you’ll still love this beverage. The first reaction you’ll probably have when you twist open the cap with that satisfying crack is, “Wow, this smells great.” And the taste is just as you’d hope for from a black coffee: strong and bold, but still light on the palate, and not too acidic. It’s quality coffee that might surprise you, given that you can get this drink from a vending machine pretty much anywhere in Japan. The drink also comes in a resealable bottle, so you can either chug it like a champ or choose to nurse it over time.

Tradition Meets Trend in a Convenient Form

A twist on a classic, this is the convenient matcha au lait powder that you need in your Japanese drinks cabinet. The mix gives you a sweet and creamy drink that you can enjoy on its own or with a treat. If you want it cold, you can dissolve it in hot water first and then add ice cubes to it. The melting ice won’t water it down, so you can enjoy its richness until the end. You can even add your own twist, like sliced strawberries. And who says you can’t have hot matcha au lait, all year round? Keep this at home or at the office, and enjoy it with your friends for tea time!

The Taste of Beer Without the Guilt

Asahi is one of the most established beer companies in Japan, and it’s no wonder that their Dry Zero tastes like, well, beer! If you want something to accompany your ramen at home but have to get up early the next day, reach for this drink. It tastes and smells like beer, though mysteriously it has both more sweetness and bitterness, as well as a bit of an herbal taste. If you pour it into a chilled glass, you’ll find that it has a beautiful yellow color, almost like champagne. It does go flat a bit faster than real beer, so you might want to drink it straight from the can to enjoy its fizziness more. You’ll also be delighted to know that, in addition to being alcohol free, it also has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero fat! Score.

A Classic Yogurt Drink That Everyone Loves

Did you know that the CALPICO drink was first sold in Japan in 1919? Known as “Calpis” in its native country, CALPICO is a sweet and milky drink with a refreshing taste. While you can chill the drink in the fridge first, it tastes even better if you pour it into a glass over ice. The drink has a unique texture that sticks to the back of your throat, and the ice counteracts that in a nice way. CALPICO is often given as a midsummer or end-of-the-year gift in Japan, so if you want to make kids happy, show up at their family’s doorstep with a box full of CALPICO, with fun flavors like strawberry, peach, mango, and lychee!

A Fruity, Yogurty Drink for Special Occasions!

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One of the things Japanese food companies are great at doing is capturing the tastes of childhood in products marketed to adults. The Pokka Sapporo Yogurt Soft Drink in Orange Flavor is a prime example. The drink has the look and smell of a light orange juice. When you drink it, though, you get a subtle yogurt flavor, reminiscent of something like a kiddie version of orange cream soda. All the orange pulp makes it hearty, and the generous serving size of 380 grams makes it the perfect drink to share with a friend. It comes in a conveniently transportable aluminum can, so be sure to chill it well and take it with you on your next outing!