Explore the Appeal of China’s Favorite Dishes

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Explore the Appeal of China’s Favorite Dishes

China’s amazing culinary traditions date back thousands of years and have inspired favorite dishes on menus around the world. The country is so big that it can help to think of China’s cuisines by their culinary regions. Among the most famous are Cantonese food, which is generally known for its steamed and stir-fried offerings; Szechuan (Sichuan) food, with sizzling flavors that are often inspired by the famous Sichuan peppercorn, and Hunan cuisine, with its bold and pungent flavors. Whether you’re looking to dig into a spicy, crunchy plate of noodles or enjoy some savory dumplings, Chinese cuisine is sure to have something to please your palate.

Everything’s Better With Boba

A boba by any other name would taste just as sweet. Often called bubble tea or pearl tea, boba tea originated in the 1980s and soon after exploded onto the scene in the U.S. The tiny tapioca bubbles are sweetened with brown sugar and served in so much more than tea drinks. You can enjoy them in icy beverages that have a milk base, a fruit base, an ice coffee base, a tea base, or a combination of all the above. The sweet, icy flavors of a boba tea experience make the perfect partner for a spicy Sichuan meal or a fragrant noodle dish.

Sizzling Szechuan Flavors Spice It Up

There is simply no better way to enjoy a group dining experience than diving into a tasty Chinese Hot Pot. At its core, the dish starts with a piping hot bowl of broth set within easy access of a group of diners, who are also served plates of raw meats, veggies and noodles to dip into the broth. As the individual flavors cook, each and every meal becomes a uniquely flavored experience. Instant hot pot meals are perfect for when you are dining solo, but still want all the tasty flavors of the hot pot experience. The instant varieties are usually made with a spicy base and include ingredients ranging from flavored meats to regional veggies. If you love spicy flavors, also check out anything labeled with Sichuan or Szechuan, which usually means a spicy or highly seasoned flavor experience lies ahead.

Sweet Chinese Pastries Inspire Joy

A delicious Asian meal is never complete without a tasty pastry to finish the experience. For a truly inspired after-dinner treat, try the layered experience of China’s pastry offerings. These cake-like treats usually feature a spongy or pound cake style exterior although crispy pastry exteriors are also available. These cakes are often filled with a variety of sweet and zesty fillings. Sometimes the interior is flavored with fruity, zesty pineapple, lemon or yuzu flavors, but in other cases the cake surrounds a lushly, smooth custard mix.

Never Enough Chinese Noodles

China is so famous for its noodles, that people often say they inspired Italian pasta. From lo mein noodles to the hand-pulled noodles made famous in China’s Lan Zhou region to the ubiquitous Chow Mein, there are so many noodle options to choose from. Lo mein, with its slightly thicker noodle, is best experienced as a stir fry, where the noodles can soak up all the savory flavors. Chow mein, which is known for its crispy texture, is usually served flash-fried or pan-fried with savory sauces, meats and veggies served on top. The hand-pulled noodles made famous in Lan Zhou are created by pulling and folding long, stretchy dough into thin noodles.