Konjac: More Than Just A Jelly

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Konjac: More Than Just A Jelly

You may have seen a lot of TikTok reels of social media influencers talking about “diet jellys” or maybe giving testimonials on how much weight they lost with just taking a pouch of that jelly drink a day. This jelly drink that is now popular and talked about is Konjac jelly.

By Yami partner--Tiffany Anne Capri: Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian/ Fulltime Professor of Nutrition & Wellness

0 Cal Konjac Jelly

from Orihiro and Boohee

What is Konjac Jelly?

Konjac is just a tuber that grows in China, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries. Because it is abundant in most Asian countries, it is part some Asian cuisines. Also widely known as konnyaku in Japan, gonyak in Korea, or elephant foot yam, Konjac has been around for centuries, contributing to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Products made from Konjac are generally made from its flour or gum which is produced from the tuber. This flour can readily take up water in a non-structured way and has a thickening and gelling property. Because of these properties, konjac jelly drinks have a very distinct gel-like texture.

Is it good for health?

  • This Konjac tuber has been around for at least 2000 years and has been a staple ingredient for most Asian households. Some of the early medicinal uses of this food product especially in eastern medicine are: treatment of respiratory problems & some tumors, and for detoxification. As Konjac slowly makes its way to the western part of the globe, more scientific research is being done on the tuber. Scientific researchers are discovering more beneficial features of the tuber human health. Particularly, a soluble fiber called glucomannan that can be extracted from the Konjac tuber, has been found to have a lot of health benefits including:
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Aids in developing healthy gut
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Aids in weight loss

Low Cal/Sodium/Sugar Konjac Jelly

from Dr.Liv

Low Cal/Sodium/Sugar Konjac Jelly

from Jelly. B

Why is it called “diet jelly”?

Since konjac flour, especially its glucomannan content readily absorbs water. The flour particles of Konjac swell up as it is exposed to water and form a gel-like substance. Because of this, it takes up more space in the stomach thereby making you feel full longer and prolongs the gastric emptying time, and increases transit time. As you feel or stay full, you eat less food.

Adding fiber to your diet in general not only promotes good health but also weight loss. The glucomannan fiber has a low energy content but still induces satiety or the feeling being full. It can displace the energy for a given weight of food.

  • Glucomannan also slows down the absorption of food in the small intestine leading to multiple positive ripple effect in the body such as:
  • Reduces the surges of insulin, a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and keeps our blood sugar levels within the normal range
  • It blocks digestion of some fats and carbohydrates
  • Elevates levels of plasma cholecystokinin, which induce satiety and reduce food intake

Dietary fiber & Skin health Support Konjac Jelly

from Yololand and Yamkichi Seika

What’s the Best Kind of Konjac Jelly ?

Jelly drinks made from Konjac are not created equal. Finding the “best” kind or brand would depend on what your nutritional needs are. Now that you know the benefits of glucomannan in Konjac, your choice could be based on the benefits you desire to get. Your flavor preference may also be a good compass in choosing among the brands available. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose among the brands available on Yami based on the products’ benefits:

  • ⭐️Low in Calories
  • If you’re counting your caloric intake and you want to go for a Konjac Jelly drink with 0 kcal or very low calorie your best options would be
  • 0 kcal: Orihiro’s Yuzu, Mixed Berry, Muscat, and Grape flavors, Boohee
  • Very low calories (<10kcal): Dr. Liv, Nonghyup, and Jelly. B brands and some of Zuo’s flavors
  • ⭐️Low Sodium
  • Sodium is a very important mineral that helps in a lot of body functions. However, it is also a mineral that concerns many, especially those who have heart conditions and hypertension. If you’re looking for a low sodium options, Yami got you! Check the Nutrition Label of the label of the Konjac Jelly drink and make sure the sodium content is not more than 2 grams or below ≤5% per 2000kcal daily value (DV). Brands like Orihiro, YoloLand, Jelly. B, Dr. Liv, and Nonghyup are low in sodium.
  • ⭐️Low in Sugar
  • Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that yields zero calories and does spike blood sugar levels, which is great for individuals with diabetes. Most of the Konjac jelly drinks use this as their sole sugar sweetener or in combination with other zero-calorie sweeteners. Low sugar brands include Jelly. B, Dr. Liv, and Nonghyup.
  • ⭐️Dietary fiber
  • We have discussed earlier that glucomannan is a fiber in Konjac tuber. Some of the brands available have higher dietary fiber in their labels than others due to the different processes they use in making the jelly drink and the other ingredients that they add to it. The American Heart Association’s daily recommended fiber intake is 25-30g per day, from a variety of food sources. YoloLand brand has chia seeds infused in the jelly drink giving the product 30g of fiber per serving or 1 pouch (108g).
  • ⭐️Skin health
  • Yamkichi Seika’s Puru Puru Konjac jelly drink contains collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid (HA), the two highlights of this drink. Collagen and HA are active ingredients that work together in providing moisture to your cells and tissues and assists in keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy.

Fruit Juice Konjac Jelly

from Orihiro

Good to note when consuming Konjac Jelly:

Glucomannan is a “water-loving” fiber and can absorb more water than its weight. It’s always good to have water after having a Konjac jelly drink.

Some of these products have thicker jelly that may be a choking hazard.

Konjac jelly drinks are not intended to replace any meal or food. Be sure to have an adequate diet to accompany this drink.

Consult your physician or dietitian before consuming the product especially if you have specific food sensitivity.

Cartoon Limited Edition Konjac Jelly

from ZUO

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Strawberry Flavor Konjak Jelly 96g


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Family Fun Konjac Jelly 576g

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Grape Flavor Konjak Jelly 96g


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Low Calorie Konjac Jelly (Peach & Kyoho Grape) 192g

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