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Ivan Orkin's Guide to the Best Japanese Snacks

“Japanese snacks have been a comfort to me since moving back to the states and something that, for a small price, helps me keep a connection to Japan and helps my kids keep that same connection. American snacks can be overly sweet and sugary, whereas Japanese snacks run the gamut of savory to sweet with umami and everything in-between. The variety can be daunting and quite esoteric, so I took the time with Yami to curate some of my favorites for you to share with your family. Enjoy.”-- Chef Ivan

1. Chips & Crackers

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Umami Seaweed Potato Snack: Potato lovers, indulge in an elevated experience with this seasoned potato stick! Looks like a french fry but explodes with flavor. Seaweed brings a rich umami taste to the crunchy snack. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

Baked Okinawa Sea Salt Senbei: A must-try for snack lovers, this baked rice cracker is one of the most iconic and popular treats in Japan. The cracker has a distinctive cracked appearance and light salt seasoning.

Ramen Snack: This is a simple snack for ramen lovers to enjoy. Resembling a wide noodle, the crispy snack is lightly salted and has a chicken flavor.

Spicy Hot Chili Potato Chips: Challenge your spice tolerance with these famous Japanese chips! Spicy Hot Chili will bring an addictive authentic flavor and mouth-numbing effect.

Baked Snack Sticks: PRETZ are baked, aromatic biscuit sticks with a lightly salted taste. Separate packaging makes it the perfect treat on-the-go or to share with friends!

Japanese Rice Crackers: A traditional Japanese snack that foodies will love. The crunchy bite and subtle soy sauce seasoning will have you reaching for more.

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2. Cookies

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Coconut Pocky: For a tropical treat, reach for this limited edition coconut Pocky! Classic crunchy stick biscuits are coated in coconut infused chocolate and dried coconut flakes.

Soy Milk Wafers: A set of aromatic wafer biscuits filled with soy milk cream and kinako roasted soybean powder. Crispy, tasty, and great for sharing with friends and family!

Egg Roll Cookie: Lubera Egg Roll is a traditional snack roll made of layered crepes. It is lightly sweet and has a rich taste of butter and egg. Pairs well with hot tea as an afternoon treat.

Koala Chocolate Biscuits: These biscuits are an irresistible snack down to the cute koala imprints! Mini biscuits are filled with chocolate cream and decorated with various images. Can you collect them all?

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3. Candy & Chocolate

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Matcha Mochi Chocolate: Imagine a chewy mochi center enveloped by a layer of matcha and then rich chocolate. This FUJIYA Matcha Mochi Chocolate is just that: sweet, small, and fun! Appreciate the harmony of matcha and cocoa flavor while chewing on a fun treat.

Peko Milk Candy: Enjoy this cutely wrapped candy made with natural ingredients. This chewy Peko candy uses condensed milk from Hokkaido and the natural water of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Premium Matcha Milk Candy: Matcha fans search no further, look at this dreamy and creamy milk candy! Made with premium matcha and Hokkaido fresh cream, this candy uses 2 different kinds of tea and has a high quality you can taste.

Fettuccine Lemon Gummy: For a midday pick me up, this sour and sweet candy will do the trick. Chewy and juicy lemon gummies are coated with powdered sugar for a tangy treat.

Orange Gummy: These adorable orange-shaped gummies will make you smile! Real fruit juice is added to the candy for a sweeter, pure taste.

Tropical Fruits Mint Throat Drop: For a refreshing burst of flavor, pop this mint throat drop in your mouth! Made with real fruit juice, it has a tasty peach and mango flavor.

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4. Instant Noodles

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Yakisoba: Meet one of Japan’s most popular street foods: Yakisoba! A stir fried noodle served with dried vegetables, Japanese mustard mayonnaise, and flavorful soy sauce. It only takes 3 minutes to prepare and will satisfy that savory craving.

Tonkotsu Ramen: Tonkotsu is the most popular flavor of ramen in both Japan and the US, with a soup that is rich and robust. Now you can savor the authentic taste at home in no time.

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5. Drinks

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Barley Tea: Barley tea is typically made from an infusion of roasted grains. It’s caffeine free and has numerous health benefits like lowering blood pressure. The aromatic properties make it ideal for hot or cold brewing.

Sparkling Yuzu Juice: Sip on this invigorating Sparkling Yuzu Juice to quench your thirst! Refreshing and bubbly, it is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants.

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