Milk and Yogurt Drinks as a Creamy Delight

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Milk and Yogurt Drinks as a Creamy Delight

Drinking whole milk was a pivotal era for a child's upbringing, but as we get a little older we realize our bodies can't handle it just like it used to. These lists of drinks are perfectly delicious as an alternative to gulp down a luscious beverage just like our days of adolescence. They are fun to mix with and have great health benefits too!

Top-selling Milk Alternatives and Yogurt Drinks

Calpico’s Original Flavored Carbonated Soft Drink

Going into this drink, I knew I was going to get a carbonated taste- but what I did not expect was it to have a yogurt flavor with a creamy AND citrusy taste. Growing up in the west, this is a flavor profile that I am not used to at all, but best believe this might be my go to drink for the upcoming summer. Bubbly but refreshing, and has got me looking forward to mixing this with a cocktail or two!

Calpico’s Strawberry Non Carbonated Drink

Might be a bit biased here, but this strawberry flavor is probably the most popular out of the Calpico drinks selection. This milky and tasty yogurt drink is a great contender on its own and is also one of my personal favorite drinks to have on the go. The strawberry flavor is not too sweet and almost more vanilla-like. Have you ever had Japanese strawberry Kit-Kats? Both very similar in taste, and oh so delicious!

Vitamilk’s Soy Milk Thai Tea

First off I love that this Thai tea comes in a bottle, there is just something so satisfying about popping open a bottle cap on a warm afternoon. While Thai tea is commonly made with condensed milk, this version is perfect for those who prefer a milk alternative. What's interesting is that even if made with soy milk, I don't pick up that flavor at all- just a delicious milky and subtly sweet drink to cool you off.

Vitasoy’s Original Soy Milk Drink

This nutritious and high-protein soymilk drink has a rich texture with a sweet finish, much more tasty compared to the average western store-bought soy milk. I can happily start off my mornings with this beverage. A plate of buttered toast, sunny-side up eggs, and this thick and slightly sweet drink to wash down the food with. Speaking of breakfast, I wonder how well this would be with my cereal? I'm eager to find out!

Xiaoyang’s Big Bottle Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink

If the probiotic drink "Yakult" had an older brother, then Xiaoyang's big bottle would be it. As a child, I was addicted to the small, sweet, and fruity probiotic drinks. If I drank this big version now at that age, I would be one hyper and active kid! The big version is just as yummy, and guaranteed for folks of all ages to enjoy.

Coconut Palm Brand’s Canned Coconut Juice

Don't be fooled by the can's bold branding. Looks loud on the outside, but YeShu's coconut drink was a delightful surprise! Lightly sweet, mellow, with a milky coconut fragrance. I decided to mix this with ice, and I was easily in for a treat. This is the type of drink that can get you addicted due to its classic and wholesome taste.