SHISEIDO PREPARE Eyebrow Razor 3 Pieces

by SHISEIDO  |  Sold and Shipped by YAMIBUY
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Brand Origin : Japan

Net Wt. : 3 g

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Item Details

Brand : SHISEIDO Made in : Japan Net Content : 3g Brand Origin : Japan

For cheek, forehead, and other broad areas of your face. The unique water drop shaped handle is easy and safe to use. The blade has a safety guard to prevent over-shaving or cuts. Long lasting and rust-resistant.
Step 1. Before shaving, apply milky lotion or soap to face to lubricate skin.
Step 2. Shave from top to bottom. Do not shave backwards to prevent skin damage.
Step 3. After shaving, apply lotion, milky lotion, and cream to moisturize skin.
How to remove cap: Pinch the tip of the cap to remove gently without touching the cap to the blade.
  • Use only as indicated to shave facial hair and to trim eyebrows.
  • Blade is very sharp. Handle with care.
  • Do not use if your skin has scars or is swollen.
  • Wipe soap or water from hands to prevent slipping.
  • To maintain a sharp blade, do not wipe the tip of blade. Only apply blade to skin.
  • Apply cream or lathered soap before shaving in order to avoid damage to skin.
  • Do not drop the razor or hit on hard surfaces.
  • After each use, rinse well, dry, and replace cap. Store in a dry area
Do not store in direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold location. Store in a dry area. Keep out of reach of children.

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